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Hanover Democrats Object to Elections Board Ruling

The Hanover Democratic Committee has submitted a petition and letter to the State Board of Elections objecting to the Board’s recent ruling that voters may not use an expired driver’s license as a valid photo ID for voting purposes. New voter photo ID laws took effect in July and will apply in the upcoming November 2014 elections. In addition to the State Board of Elections officers, the Hanover Democratic Committee’s letter and petition have been mailed to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring; the U.S. Justice Department, Voting Rights Section; the NAACP, Hanover Branch; and the Virginia ACLU. 

“It is obvious that a voter’s identity does not change when his/her driver’s license expires,” said the letter signed by Gordon Silver, chair of the Hanover Democratic Committee and by Toni Radler, Vice Chair. An accompanying petition was signed by 50 Hanover Democratic Committee members. 

“We believe that the board’s refusal to accept expired but otherwise valid IDs will disenfranchise several categories of voters including, but not limited to, the elderly, students, the poor and those who have given up driving because of age or illness. Your ruling confirms our belief that the new Virginia voter ID laws were put in place not to substantiate voter identity at the polls, but to suppress voting altogether,” the letter and petition stated. 

In a two to one ruling, the Elections Board said that a driver’s license which has been expired beyond one year, would not be considered valid proof of identity for voting purposes. 

“Our problem is not voter fraud…it’s just not an issue in Virginia. Our problem is that people often don’t vote. Instead of trying to overcome that problem, the Virginia General Assembly and the State Board of Elections are throwing up roadblocks that will suppress the vote,” said Silver.