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Toni Radler

Message from The Chair

Blueprint Forward--
All of us are dismayed and heartsick at the outcome of this election, losing it to the electoral college vote, while winning the popular vote by more than two million votes. But it's not the numbers that have us dismayed. It's the person who won the election that has us so concerned. Our next President is not a Mitt Romney, not a Jeb Bush, or even a Marco Rubio...while we have political differences with these Republicans, they all are decent candidates with experience and understanding that we are a nation of laws. Instead, our next President is someone with no governmental experience, no community service and a seeming total lack of understanding of our nation's founding principles...a man whose promises and statements bear no resemblance to reality...a man whose character seems more than flawed...a man with stranger than strange ties to Russia's Vladimir Putin.

We can only hope and pray that Donald Trump the President of the United States will be a different man than Donald Trump the Candidate. It's a possibility that we would welcome and support. But, we find no comfort in the cabinet and staff choices he's already made, starting with former Breitbart head Steve Bannon.

But Hanover Democrats are going to do more than be dismayed. We will be working hard for our Blueprint Forward. And we've proven we can work for a goal. We turned out more votes this election than in 2008 and 2012. Leading up to the Election, Hanover Democrats turned out in record numbers to phone bank and canvass. And on Saturday, more than 100 Democrats attended our Stronger Together Pancake Breakfast. It was uplifting and energizing to see so many so motivated. We are motivated because of our nation's promise to all its citizens, because of our country's founding principles and because there is so much at stake. As Hillary Clinton said in her gracious concession speech, quoting Scripture: "Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in good season, we shall reap." So while we are dismayed and heartsick, we are not weary. We are not stopping. Hanover Democrats are united, energized and ready to go again in our Blueprint Forward.


Blueprint Forward

december 10 2016 speakers

At the next meeting of the Hanover Democratic Committee on Saturday, December 10 at 10 a.m. at Ashland Coffee and Tea, the Hanover Democratic Committee will begin our Blueprint Forward--how to pick up the pieces from the 2016 Presidential Election.

A panel of leaders representing key Democratic issues will discuss how we can actively help in the Virginia General Assembly this January. Working hard in the General Assembly is the best place to start in recovering from the 2016 Presidential Election. Remember, this is where redistricting/gerrymandering takes place, where the Affordable Care Act was sabotaged by Republicans refusing to expand Medicaid, and where minimum wage is decided.

On the panel will be Brian Cannon, Executive Director of OneVirginia2021 discussing redistricting; Kim Bobo, Director of the Virginia Interfaith Center, discussing health care and wage theft; Trieste Lockwood from the Virginia Conservation Network discussing Virginia environmental issues in the upcoming General Assembly session; a representative from Del. Jennifer McClellan's office discussing her legislative agenda; and Nancy Finch, an active volunteer lobbyist, will be discussing the nuts and bolts of where to go and what to do--General Assembly made easy for amateurs. You choose the issue you're interested in, make contact with these incredible leaders and find out how you can be an important part of General Assembly 2017.

As always, the coffee is on us.

Women's Coffee on Wednesday, December 7


coffee is brewing hva dems October 2016

Get ready for the holiday season with our December women's coffee! The next Democratic Women's Coffee will be held at the beautiful home of Jen Chambers, right in Ashland on the railroad tracks, 901 South Center Street on Wednesday, December 7 at 7 p.m. We are looking forward to this coffee after all of our hard work getting Democrats elected. Let's kick back and enjoy our fellowship/sistership. Please let us know if you are coming by calling or texting Jen Chambers at 804-304-5588 or Toni Radler at 804-916-0693.

For those who don't know, we are a growing group of Democratic women of all ages who meet monthly, sometimes in the day and sometimes in the evening, at the homes of volunteer hostesses at different locations around the county. Our goal is to enable as many women as possible to get to know and inspire one another. We have no formal programs, or memberships or dues. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, December 7 at 7 p.m. at Jen's house.

Delegate Jennifer McClellan Is Our Candidate!

Delegate Jennifer McClellan

The 9th Senate District Legislative Nominating Committee representing the Democratic Committees of Hanover, the City of Richmond, Charles City County, Henrico, and New Kent  is pleased to announce that Del. Jennifer McClellan will be the Democratic nominee for the 9th Senate District Special Election taking place on January 10, 2017.

Del. McClellan is running to fill the state senate seat vacated by Congressman-elect Donald McEachin. She was the only candidate to put herself forward as the Democratic nominee and won  the overwhelming support of the  9th Senate District Legislative Nominating Committee.

“While I was devastated by the results of the Presidential election, I have heeded Hillary Clinton’s call to continue fighting for what’s right knowing that there is still much work to be done.  One moment of hope was the election of my friend Senator Donald McEachin to the United States Congress.  Donald McEachin has been an exemplary State Senator and a strong progressive champion.  Now more than ever his leadership will be needed in Washington. That is why I am running for the State Senate.  As State Senator, I would have an opportunity to build on my work in the House of Delegates to provide a high quality public education system for every child, strong and safe neighborhoods, and economic opportunity for all Virginians.  I will be a strong and passionate voice for social justice and a champion for the citizens of the 9th Senate District,” McClellan said.

With the retirements in the last couple years of Senators Marsh, Stosch, and Watkins, and McEachin’s election to Congress, the Richmond area lost decades of experience in the State Senate. Jennifer McClellan’s experience in the House of Delegates will be a vital asset for our region.

Four precincts in Hanover are part of the 9th Senate District: Ashland, Berkley, Oak Hill and Elmont. Voters in these districts will have a chance to vote for a Democratic candidate from the 9th District Senatorial District in an unassembled caucus on Dec. 3 and again in the special election on January 10.

Hanover Democrats, let's do all we can to make sure that Del. McClellan becomes Sen. McClellan. She has served in the House since 2006 and has been a champion for the concerns of Virginia citizens. We need her leadership in the Senate.