Unhappy with Trump’s destructive agenda? TAKE ACTION NOW!

This new resource from the Hanover Democratic Committee is designed to help citizens take strategic acts that will protect our Democracy.  Watch for weekly action items here on the HDC webpage, in your inbox and on Facebook. 

Fight the GOP “healthcare” bill.  Make no mistake, the AHCA is a tax relief for the wealthy bill, not a healthcare bill.  It cuts $1.2 trillion from healthcare spending and gives that as tax relief mainly to the wealthy.  The images of people with disabilities being pulled from their chairs by Capitol police while protesting the bill outside Mitch McConnell’s office on Thursday is a metaphor for the cruelty of this legislation.  The very lives of many people with disabilities depend on a strong Medicaid program, which the AHCA would gut. Call Senators Kaine (202-224-4024 or 804-771-2221) and Warner (202-224-2023 or 804-775-2314) to thank them for fighting against this bill and ask them to use all options, including submitting amendments (see Action 2), to stall the vote.


Call the more moderate GOP senators and try to  persuade them to vote no:


Lisa Murkowski AK 202-224-6665

Susan Collins ME 202-224-2523

Shelley Capito WV 202-224-6472

Rob Portman OH 202-224-3353


Fight some more.  One way the AHCA bill can be stalled is if Democratic senators submit amendments…thousands of amendments, which will take time to discharge.  Write your own amendment by telling your health care story to be read into the record at https://www.ouramendments.org  to help our senators stall this bill.


Attend a Trumpcare sit-in.  Protests against the AHCA are being organized, often by Indivisible, all over the country.  Check-out this Google doc to see what is close.  The document is updated as events are added.




Protect the integrity of our elections. In testimony to the Senate foreign Relations Committee last week a Department of Homeland Security official testified that people connected with the Russian government tried to hack election related equipment in 21 states, apparently breaching several, prior to the November election. The Intercept reported that Russian intelligence attacked a voting software supplier and sent phishing emails to about 100 local election officials just before the election. Bloomberg reported that the Russians tried to change voter data in Illinois and accessed a campaign finance database in another state.  According to the Washington Post, last Tuesday former director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, testified before the House Intelligence Committee that the “scale and scope” of Russian interference was unprecedented. In the meantime Trump continues to deny any Russian interference.  According to Bloomberg, some states cooperated with federal authorities in investigating the extent of the cyberattacks more than others. 


Write your state delegate (Chris Peace if you are in the 97th district, which is east of Rt. 301 in Hanover or Hyland Fowler if you are in the 55th district west of Rt 301) and ask if they believe that the Russians conducted a cyberattack on state voting infrastructure and, if so, ask that they make a public statement to that effect and outline what they are doing to ensure the integrity of the Virginia election this November.  Please stress that this is a real threat to our election integrity and is more worthy of their attention than their voter suppression efforts.





Protect our national monuments, including the newly beloved Bear Ears. Trump signed an executive order that threatens 30 national monuments by opening them up to drilling, mining and fracking, which would endanger neighboring water systems and destroy viewscapes and ecosystems.  Please send a message to Department of Interior, Secretary Ryan Zinke and ask that he not carve up our monuments for immediate profit, but that our monuments be preserved intact for future generations. Remind him of the economic damage that these extraction operations would do to towns depending on tourist and recreation dollars.  Use the public comment email link feedback@ios.doi.gov to express your opinion.