Focus on women and healthcare.  The Senate committee working on healthcare reform initially had 13 Republican men and no women. The imbalance on the committee likely is no accident because women will be disproportionately harmed by Trumpcare (AHCA), under which states could opt out of requiring coverage for Essential Health Benefits, meaning that maternity and newborn care, and preventive cancer screenings might no longer be covered.  The Center for American Progress estimates that adding maternity coverage to one of these policies might mean paying a $17,000 surcharge. The loss of support for Planned Parenthood, cuts to Medicaid and denial of any abortion coverage will directly harm women. With women earning at best 80 cents to the male dollar, they are more likely to be harmed by a policy that helps the wealthy at the expense of the poor.  After an uproar, one woman, Shelly Moore Capito R-WV, was added to the committee.  Call Senator Capito (202-224-6472 or 304-347-5372) and say you are calling because of her membership on the Senate AHCA committee.  Cite the reasons the AHCA is disproportionately harmful to women and ask her to demand women be better represented.