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Black caucus response to kkk

As chairman of the Black Caucus of the Hanover Democratic Committee, I am concerned about the Board of Supervisors’ very anemic response to the KKK’s recent appearance and protest in Hanover. With the exception of Supervisor Faye Prichard, those who responded didn’t seem too concerned that Hanover was the place the Ku Klux Klan picked to demonstrate and ask for membership support. And those who didn’t respond — their silence was deafening.

Bigotryand disdain for any human being is like a cancer and it eats at the core of our inalienable and God-given rights as defined by the Constitution’s Ninth Amendment. The KKK’s ideas represent a deadly venom spewed on blacks and people of color and there is no place in Hanover or America for this deep-rooted hatred just because of the color of anyone’s skin. Our nation thrived on diversification and it will continue to do so. We fought that war and won it — it ended May 9, 1865. This is 2019. We, as Americans, have too many issues to deal with these immoral and hateful acts and we will continue to stand and fight against such vile forms of oppression.

We support the Hanover NAACP’s call on the Hanover Board of Supervisors to speak out against racism and inequality and replace its cavalier message with one of dignity, moral character and support for all of the people they serve, all people of Hanover County.

Sandra R. Howard.

Words from Supervisor  Prichard

Sadly, as many of you know, the KKK held a demonstration on the lawn of the Hanover County courthouse.  I cannot begin to express the sickness I feel at having this despicable hate group in our county. There is absolutely no room for that kind of hate in our home.  While we are often described as pretty homogeneous, the truth is we are not all one thing.  We are black, and white, and Hispanic.  We are men, and women.  We are are farmers and townspeople as well as suburbanites. But what we all are, is Hanover County citizens. Every one of us. It is particularly offensive to see this kind of display right after we celebrate the birth of our country. We are better than this and this kind of display is not welcome here.  Please know that the county had no prior notice of the demonstration. -Faye