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Blue Wave Bash

Celebrating A Decade Of The Exciting

Blue Wave Bash

Keynote Speaker: U.S. Senator Mark Warner
Master of Ceremonies: Virginia Sen. Jennifer McClellan

Next Meeting—Broadband

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 Next Meeting

 June 8

10 am

Ashland Coffee & Tea






Next Meeting—Broadband

One of the most universal and crucial issues in the 2019 Hanover elections is acquiring high-speed internet via fiber lines for Hanover County. Don't miss our meeting on Saturday, June 8 at 10 a.m. to find out why it seems to be so controversial in Hanover and why all of our Democratic Board of Supervisor candidates are pushing for it. Internet guru and HDC's Vice Chair of Technology Daniel McGraw will be our guest speaker at Ashland Coffee & Tea on Saturday, June 8 at 10 a.m. Don't miss this interesting conversation that is impacting all Hanoverians. As always, the coffee is on us.

Six Candidates Have Qualified To Date

Caucus deadlines for candidate declarations have passed in four races; Caucuses have been canceled in those races, and Candidates declared our Democratic nominees including:

Morgan Goodman, 55th District House Race

Sen. Jennifer McClellan, 9th Senate District

Faye Prichard, Ashland District Board of Supervisors Race

Crystal Robens, Beaverdam District Board of Supervisors Race

Clara James Scott, South Anna District Board of Supervisors Race

Stan Scott, 4th Senate District

Primary Scheduled for:

Primary Scheduled June 11 between Veena Lothe and Del. Debra Rodman, for 12th District Senate Seat

Blue Commonwealth Gala

Major national speakers will be featured in the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Blue Commonwealth Gala on Saturday, June 15 at 6:30 p.m. (Program starts at 7 p.m.) at Main Street Station, 1500 E. Broad Street. Among the speakers will be Mayor Pete Buttigieg, If you are interested in attending, get your tickets online, vademocrats.org.


Coffee Meeting

Coffee is brewing!

Wednesday, June 19 at 10 am

At the house of

Naomi Willey

7090 Covenant Woods Drive

Mechanicsville 23111

Men's Forum

at the home of

Dale Mann

12778 Mount Hermon Road, Ashland

Wednesday, June 26 at 7 pm

Mens Forum

Calls to Caucus 2019


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Every vote counts!

Follow the link to the appropriate caucus, member, or announcement.


4th Virginia Senate District

55th District Caucus Information

South Anna Call to Caucus 2019

South Anna Caucus Member 2019

South Anna Candidate Form 2019

Cold Harbor Caucus Member 2019

Cold Harbor Candidate Form 2019

Cold Harbor Call to Caucus 2019

Henry Caucus Member 2019

Henry Candidate Form 2019

Henry Call to Caucus

Beaverdam Caucus Member 2019

Beaverdam Candidate Form 2019

Beaverdam Call to Caucus 2019

Ashland Delegate for Caucus 2019

Ashland Candidate Form 2019

Ashland Call to Caucus 2019

The Hanover Democratic Committee is calling caucus' for all of the Boards of Supervisor districts and more.  To file as a candidate or to participate as a caucus member click on the 2019 Caucus' button on the home page.  Scroll to your district and what you wish to do.  All candidates should file by the deadlines in the district.  All caucus members should attend according to the caucus information.  This is going to be a break out year.  We hope everyone is ready!


Hanover is in the 9 and 12th Districts which will be electing their Democratic candidate by primary on June 11.  
--In the 9th District, State Sen. Jennifer McClellan is thus far unopposed to win the Democratic Nomination in the primary.
--In the 12th District, Veena Lothe and Del. Debra Rodman will be running to win the Democratic Nomination in the primary. A third candidate, Marquis Jones dropped out when Rodman entered the race, and he has thrown his support to Rodman. This will include several Hanover precincts.