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We have postcards available for the Herb Jones for Congress campaign. We will bring these to upcoming HDC meetings for anyone who would like to take a packet home to write. Each packet of 30 comes with scripts, address labels and stamps (if you need them). There will also be in-person pick-up opportunities in August (6, 20, 27th at 10 a.m.) at the Atlee Library. If you would like to write but can't make it to any of these, please email Colleen (Lasseire@gmail.com) or Louise (lsmithevans@comcast.net). We hope to have postcards and addresses for Josh Throneburg as well, so stay tuned. Read more

Monthly two cents: the republican ideology

by Don Barth

Vote Republican if you

1. Believe that only white people should vote and the path for others to vote should be very difficult.
2. Believe that schools should not teach the true history of non-white people.
3. Believe that it is more important to be able to own an assault rifle than to lose the lives of innocent children who can be killed by them.
4. Believe that the minority should be able to override the wishes of the majority of Americans.
5. Believe love can only occur between two people of the same race and opposite gender.
6. Believe that religion does not include caring, helping, etc. of all people, religion is only for people like me who only care about me.
7. Believe that wealthy people should pay a lower percentage tax than lower and middle-income people.
8. Believe it is good for CEOs of big businesses to receive huge salaries, raises and bonuses while some of the actual working people who do the work don't make enough money to feed their families.
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clark mercer to speak AT OUR AUgust 13 MEETING

Our guest speaker for August will be Clark Mercer. He was Gov. Ralph Northam's chief of staff and well known to many of you. He is also the president of the Ashland Theatre Foundation which has hosted great book talks and discussions about banned books, pride recognition, and overall protection of Democratic values.

The meeting will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 13 at the Iron Horse Restaurant, 100 S. Railroad Avenue in Ashland.

If you cannot join us in person:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 856 9904 0716
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