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Here’s a shocker: the U.S. economy fares better under Democratic administrations

By Gordon Silver

In the lead-up to every election, Republicans are usually credited with being the party more likely to be good stewards of the economy. However, the data does not support this assumption.

Historically, the economy has fared far better under Democratic administrations.

This flies in the face of what the sensible answer might seem to be: It’s probably been similar. Presidents, after all, have only limited control over the economy. They don’t have much influence over the millions of decisions every day, made by consumers and business executives, that shape economic growth, jobs, incomes and stock prices. Over the course of a century, it seems logical that the economy would have performed similarly under Democrats and Republicans.

But it has not! And here is a ranking of presidents by average annual G.D.P. growth according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. Read more