Hanover County Democratic Committee

Moving Hanover Forward

Stay United!

by Daniel McGraw

It may be a cliché, but “stronger together” is a reality. This past year has been very challenging for parents, students, coworkers, healthcare professionals, hospitality staff, educators, first responders and more. Implementing political campaigns has been difficult. Little has changed in the world. However, nothing feels quite the same.
Many of our community leaders have worked tirelessly to inform the public about new developments, social justice concerns and decisions of elected officials. We need to continue to stay engaged and stay connected to one another.

Recently, at an NAACP meeting, I heard the words, “Stay United!” And, a part of me wanted to challenge that statement … shouldn’t we hold people accountable, shouldn’t we have the difficult conversations, … shouldn’t we … (YES! The answer is “yes.”)

What we should not do is destroy our relationships with people who are fighting the good fight and doing the right things. In times like this, we need to build each other up. We need to recognize the good things that members of our community are doing. Read more