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The eyes of the nation will be on Virginia on Tuesday, November 7 as we go to the polls to vote for Ralph Northam for Governor, Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor, and Mark Herring for Attorney General. Our House of Delegates candidates include: Morgan Goodman from the 55th District for those living west of Rt. 301 and Cori Johnson for the 97th District for those living east of Rt. 301. 

This Democratic ticket is outstanding, by any measure, in terms of experience and integrity. Northam served as a state senator prior to serving as Virginia's Lt. Governor for the past four years. His tie-breaking votes have made history in Virginia. He has stood up for all Virginians, not the few who are powerful and privileged. Attorney General Herring, who is running for reelection, has distinguished himself at Attorney General, standing on the right side of the law and standing up for us on the key issues of our time. Fairfax, who has served as prosecutor in Northern Virginia, is an eloquent defender of our rights and will follow in Northam's footsteps, courageously standing up for the people of Virginia. Our two wonderful house candidates will give Hanover something it hasn't had for decades....representation of all the people, not just deep pocket, special interest groups. 

Your vote is so important on Nov. 7. Not only are we electing the important leaders of Virginia for the next four years...this election will be an indicator of sorts on the divisive Trump agenda. In that reference, the eyes of the nation will be upon us. As Virginia goes, so goes the nation. So, go to the polls, and vote like our Democracy depends on it because it does! Call your Democratic neighbors, you kids who are away at school, and your family members and friends. Tell them to get out and VOTE ON NOV. 7!


The "combined campaign" supporting all of our candidates is now working on GOTV....Get Out The Vote! Sign up to phone bank or canvass. This is the final push to make sure Democrats go to the polls. Please volunteer by clicking here: 


Sample Ballots

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