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Unhappy with Trump’s destructive agenda? TAKE ACTION NOW!

This new resource from the Hanover Democratic Committee is designed to help citizens take strategic acts that will protect our Democracy.  Watch for weekly action items here on the HDC webpage, in your inbox and on Facebook. 

Action 3:

Write letters:

Most of the Letters to the Editor in the Hanover Local and its sister paper, the Mechanicsville Local, are anti-progressive. One such verbose writer gets published regularly, suggesting that there is little competition. Let’s bombard the paper with letters promoting our great candidates and progressive ideas. We can write about the importance of getting voting rights bills enacted, to explain how the infrastructure bill will help the country compete in the 21st century, and to remind readers why we can’t forget Jan 6, as Republicans would like us to. Represent Democrats in Hanover! E-mail your letters to: editor@mechlocal.com.

Action 2:

Vote Tuesday:

Last chance to vote in the Democratic primary! On Tuesday, June 8 all precincts will be open from 6am until 7pm. Find details about voter ID requirement here: https://www.elections.virginia.gov/casting-a-ballot/absentee-voting/. If you have questions, call 804-365-6080 or email hanovervoting@hanovercounty.gov. If you still have an absentee ballot, you can complete it and drop it off at your regular polling place.

Action 1:

Support Stan and Rachel:

Stan Scott (https://stanforvirginia.org/) recently stepped up to run for the House of Delegates in the 97th District, joining Rachel Levy (https://rachelfordelegate.org/) who is running in the 55th District. For the most part, the 97th District is east of Rt. 301 and the 55th is west of Rt. 301.

Go to their websites to see their positions, volunteer and donate. They both deserve our thanks and support!