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Support lawsuits against Georgia's voter suppression law:

No doubt you've heard about the shockingly biased, hurriedly passed Senate Bill 202 that passed in Georgia, which creates multiple unnecessary hurdles for voters.The most attention-getting provision is that volunteers will now be prohibited from delivering items like food, water and folding chairs to voters waiting in long lines. In past elections, when voters in largely Democratic areas stood for hours in line to vote, volunteer groups organized and brought water and other refreshments to people stuck in long lines. These items were handed out to all voters. The justification for outlawing this practice was the potential for abuse (trying to influence voters), but there was never any evidence that line warmers did anything except hand out free water to all voters, never asking questions or electioneering.

Some more of the new restrictions the SB 202 created are:

  • Those wishing to vote absentee must now submit a driver’s license number or other documentation. People without a driver’s license or state ID must submit additional proof of their identity.

  • Drop boxes must be located inside early voting locations and will no longer be placed in other locations convenient to voters, like libraries or other local government buildings. Moreover, the drop boxes will not be available to voters in the last four days of an election, when it’s too late to mail them in time.

  • Delayed and compressed time period for requesting absentee ballots

  • Ban on mobile voting

  • But most frighteningly : The new law also restructures the authority of the State Election Board. Remember when Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger refused to give in to former President Donald Trump’s demand and “find” more Republican ballots? This law essentially demotes Raffensperger from chair of the board to an ex officio member, with the Republican-led legislature selecting the board’s chair. The law also allows the Republican-led legislature to temporarily suspend local election officials pending a formal review of their conduct. To put the matter bluntly, the law allows the Republican-held legislature more control over the ballot-counting in Democratic areas, so the board could overturn voters’ voices.

In November, when it became clear that Republican leaders were spreading a lie about massive voter fraud, elections expert Rick Hasen accurately predicted that even the Republicans who rejected Trump’s lie would nonetheless use the lack of confidence it inspired to “provide a false narrative” and “serve as a predicate for new restrictive voting laws in Republican states.”

Georgia is just the beginning, of course. Other state legislators will also create Jim Crow 2.0 laws to restrict Democratic voters.

Support one of the federal lawsuits filed against the state of Georgia: