Hanover County Democratic Committee

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Action 1:

Save democracy:

Trump is trying to steal the election by bullying Pennsylvania and Michigan state legislators to certify Trump electors to the Electoral College, even though the popular vote in those states went to President-elect Biden. This is outrageous. On Friday a headline in The New York Times said, “Trump’s Attempts to Overturn the Election are Unparalleled in U.S. History."

Trump’s gambit is a long shot in part because he would need three states to flip their electors, but it is not impossible. A poll from Reuters last week showed that about 52% of Republicans think Democrats stole the election from Trump. These Republicans will join Trump in pressuring their legislators to “Stop the Steal”, as they ironically are calling the election results.

Fortunately, Virginia is not a target of this scheme, but TAN readers can bring pressure against it in several ways. We need to demand that Congressman Rob Wittman (804-730-6595 or 202-225-4261), speak out against Trump’s behavior as Senator Mitt Romney has done. Wittman also must affirm that Biden is President-elect.

We also must be prepared to defend the integrity of the election at our Thanksgiving gatherings and on our social media feed. Here is some ammunition:

Finally, let’s flood The Richmond Times-Dispatch with letters to the editor insisting that the election was fair and that Republicans stop trying to subvert democracy.