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Action 1:

Support impeachment, again:

This week four Constitutional scholars spoke before the House Judiciary Committee. Three of them unequivocally said that Trump has committed impeachable offenses and Speaker Pelosi announced on Thursday that she is asking committee chairs to begin drawing up articles of impeachment. This has happened only three times before in our history.

As TAN has noted previously, impeachment is a political process and public opinion will affect the outcome. Let’s do all we can to influence public opinion. Many, particularly those who only consume right wing propaganda, do not understand the seriousness of the charges against the president. Let’s make sure that Congressman Wittman (202-225-4261 or 804-730-6595) knows that we understand how damning the evidence is against Trump.

As Stanford University Law professor Pamela Karlan said in her opening statement before the Judiciary Committee, “Drawing a foreign government into our elections is an especially serious abuse of power because it undermines democracy itself.”

Remind Wittman he took an oath to protect our Constitution and our democracy.