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Action 2:

Say no to herd immunity: 

In the ABC Town Hall last week Trump spoke about using the strategy of working toward herd immunity to stop the the Covid pandemic. This would mean letting everyone get the virus and develop an immunity so that it can no longer spread. In fact he sidelined expert epidemiologists who oppose the herd immunity plan and has installed a new science advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist rather that an epidemiologist, who champions the herd immunity strategy. There are signs that the administration has already implemented policies to fulfill this strategy. For example Health and Human Services formerly advised states with wide community spread to adopt mask mandates, but that guidance recently has been rescinded. Also, the administration, over the objections of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), wrote recommendations on testing that say that asymptotic people don’t need to be tested even if they have been exposed to the virus. They placed those recommendations on the CDC website as though they were CDC recommendations based on science. Only under pressure last week did they rescind that forgery.

The problem with the herd immunity strategy is that it would take about 70% of the population to be infected with the virus to achieve. A conservative measure of the virus’s mortality rate is 1%, which means that about 1.5 million people would die before herd immunity was achieved. Also, there are multiple reports of people recovering, but having long-term debilitating symptoms.

In contrast CDC Director Robert Redfield testified before a House corona virus subcommittee on Wednesday that he believes if everyone were to wear a mask for 6-12 weeks we could get the disease under control.

It is unconscionable that Trump’s strategy and policies are focused on achieving herd immunity with its unacceptable mortality and morbidity events, when the simple inexpensive solution of universal mask wearing is available.

Tell Congressman Wittman (202-225-4261 or 804-730-6595) that Trump’s strategy to achieve herd immunity shows an astonishing and unacceptable disregard for human life and health. Insist that he support the House hearings on the response to the virus. Emphasize that he must publicly speak out against Trump’s herd immunity decision, which is potentially the most deadly decision a president has ever made.