Hanover County Democratic Committee

Moving Hanover Forward

Action 2:

Help change the names:

Several weeks ago the Hanover School Board announced publicly that they would consider settling the suit over the Confederate school names brought by the NAACP rather than spend perhaps millions of dollars to defend against changing the names. After its last meeting, the Board announced that it will not settle the suit at this time. Please communicate your disappointment with this decision to waste tax dollars on a law suit that the county is likely to lose. Changing the names is the morally right move for all the students in our school system.

Hanover School Board:

Roger S. Bourassa, Mechanicsville District - Chairman
Phone: (804) 559-8113; email: SB-rbourassa@hcps.us

John F. Axselle III, Beaverdam District - Vice Chairman
Phone: (804) 798-7782; email: SB-jaxselle@hcps.us

Susan (Sue) P. Dibble, South Anna District
Phone: (804) 752-6866; email: SB-sdibble@hcps.us

Ola J. Hawkins, Ashland District
Phone: (804) 357-3743; email: SB-ohawkins@hcps.us

Robert L. Hundley, Jr., Chickahominy District
Work: (804) 550-9222, Home: 730-3415; email: SB-rhundley@hcps.us

Norman K. Sulser, Cold Harbor District
Phone: (804) 746-0331; email: SB-nsulser@hcps.us

George E. Sutton, Henry District
Phone: (804) 779-3324; email: SB-gsutton@hcps.us