Hanover County Democratic Committee

Action Center

Action 1:

Prepare for the worst:

An alarming article in the Atlantic Magazine (https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/11/what-if-trump-refuses-concede/616424/) by Pulitzer Prize winning author Barton Gellman outlines how Trump and his Republican allies could use governmental levers of power to prevent a decisive outcome in the November election. Trump has seeded the ground for this by casting doubt on the integrity of the election, claiming without evidence that mail-in-ballots are fraudulent and setting the unrealistic expectation that results will be available on Election Day. Gellman reports that Republican legislators in PA already are planning how they can use this narrative to stop counting ballots and appoint Trump friendly electors to the Electoral College, even if Trump loses the popular vote.

Gellman’s concerns are supported by the work of the Transition Integrity Project and is explained in this Executive Summary of their work: https://greatschoolwars.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/preventing-a-disrupted-presidential-election-and.pdf

It is important to prepare for Republican attempts to steal the election, so we will know how to respond. There are three things we can do right now:

A. Understand that voter fraud is extremely rare. In states that do universal mail-in-ballots the fraud rate is .0025 per cent. Tell this to your friends, so they understand that Trump’s claims are false.
B. The election will not be decided on November 3 and this is ok. There will be many more mail-in-votes this year because of the pandemic. In Virginia and many other states a mail-in-ballot that is postmarked by November 3, but not received at the Registrar’s Office until November 6 is still valid. If the election is close, there will be no final determination until those ballots are counted. Insist that we take the time to count all ballots.
C. Volunteer for Biden/Harris. It will be much harder for Trump to steal a landslide victory. Usually at this point in an election cycle TAN readers are canvassing their neighborhoods, but that is not happening because of the pandemic. We must rely on phone banking to get out the vote. Volunteer to phone bank here https://joebiden.com/take-action/. Call to protect democracy!