Hanover County Democratic Committee

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Action 1:

Call out hypocrisy:

On Thursday the Trump administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court in support of the suit filed by Republican attorney generals asking that the “entire” Affordable Care Act (ACA) be overturned. According to The Washington Post on Friday that would leave 23 million Americans without health coverage during a pandemic. It also means that the ACA protections for pre existing conditions would be lost, despite Trump and other Republicans having vowed to protect those with pre existing conditions.

Even though the viability of the ACA has not gotten a lot of attention lately, this administration’s position in this brief is likely to be a dominant issue in the presidential campaign. It is a winning issue for Democrats just as it was in the 2018 Blue Wave midterm elections. Do what you can to spread the word that Trump has, yet again, broken his promise to the American people by abandoning protections for pre existing conditions. Write a Letter to the Editor (https://www.richmond.com/contact-us/forms/letter-to-the-editor/ ) of The Richmond Times Dispatch and spread the word on social media.