Action 2:

Call out “Dr. No”:

Most TAN readers gave up long ago on the belief that our Congressman Dr. Rob Wittman (202-225-4261 or 804-730-6595) had any intention of representing all his constituents, yet his votes in recent weeks demonstrate that he is not even listening to the majority of his voters, but only to his handlers in Congress.

He voted “No” to protecting access to contraception, “No” to protecting gay marriage, “No” to protecting abortion rights, “No” to protecting the environment and “No” to protecting the U.S. from China by expanding domestic chip manufacturing. Most recently, he voted “No” on a bi-partisan bill that would provide support for veterans sickened by toxic burn sites while in service. It seems the only reason he voted against the later is that he and his fellow Republicans were angry that Democrats had passed the environmental bill.

Tell “Dr. No” (Ph.D. In Public Health) that the majority of his constituents support all these bills and he should put their needs before petty, spiteful party politics.