Action 2:

Expand the vote:

On July 26 The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that new voter registration has dropped significantly since the corona virus pandemic began, including a 40% decrease in June. This is well below levels of new voter registration in 2016. DMV office, Hanover registrar office and library closures and reduction of door-to-door canvassing and school-based registration drives in response to Covid all have hampered new voter registration.

DMV offices, the Hanover registrar’s office (Wickham Building, 7497 County Complex Road, Hanover, VA 23069) and public libraries are now open for voter registration, but registration can also be done safely online ( Please share this link on your social media, with new neighbors and with any young person who may turn18 before November 3. The last day to register before the General Election is Tuesday, October 13. You can check the status of your registration or update information here as well. This is something we can all do to help in the election effort. Every vote counts!