Action 1:

Defang the NRA.

In the wake of another school massacre, it is disturbing to see how much National Rifle Association (NRA) blood money our elected representatives receive, while they continue to fail our children. It is impossible to trace the total amount, because much is given through PACs or groups like the National Republican Committee. When legislators receive money from the NRA, the NRA dictates how they vote on common sense gun safety measures.

Insist that our representatives return any NRA contributions and pledge to accept no more. Ask all our representatives to support the ban of AR15 rifles and large capacity magazines. Here are the amounts of traceable contributions our elected officials received:

Delegate Chris Peace -            804-698-1097      $1,100
Delegate Hyland Fowler -        804-698-1055      $500
Senator Ryan McDougle -       804-698-7504      $4,500
Senator Jennifer McClellan -      804-698-7509      0
Senator Siobhan Dunnavant - 804-698-7512      $1,000
Congressman Rob Wittman -  202-225-4261      $16,000
Senator Tim Kaine -                   202-224-4024      0
Senator Mark Warner -              202-224-2023      0