Take Action: Stop the spread of white supremacist, neo-confederate, and neo-nazi movements.


This past weekend, violent pro-Trump neo-confederates, neo-nazis and white supremacists rallied in nearby Charlottesville, Virginia. Three people died and dozens were injured. Similar groups are trying to stage a rally in Richmond on September 16th.  Trump has refused to condemn his neo-Confederate, neo-nazi, white supremacist supporters or to distance himself from them. 

Congressman Wittman has been a big Trump supporter since the presidential campaign and has not contested Trump’s appointment of known white supremacists such as Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephan Miller to prominent position in the White House. Wittman did issue a statement about the rally: (https://wittman.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=1458), stating that, "I despise and tenaciously denounce the violence, hate and bigotry that we have seen in Charlottesville. The rhetoric and actions of racists, white supremacists, and Nazi-ideologues are not the values of our Commonwealth or our great nation. I thank and pray for our brave law enforcement officers who put themselves in harm's way to protect our Commonwealth. My thoughts and prayers are also with the victims of today's violence and their families. We must stand united against all hate. As Americans, we shall have no tolerance for this violence and what it stands for." 


Contact Congressman Wittman (202-225-4261 or 804-730-6595) and let him know that while you appreciate his recent statement, that his words devoid of action are not enough. It’s time for him to publicly hold President Trump accountable for his continued support of these hate and terrorist groups and to take action against them. Wittman must denounce the support that members of these groups show him, call for a restoration of funding to federal programs that work to counter domestic terrorist groups, and call for public Congressional hearings to investigate them.