Hanover County Democratic Committee

Action Center

Action 1:

Work for our candidates:

There are only 51 days before the 2019 election and an editorial in The Washington Post last week said that if Democrats can turn out 31% of the vote they can take control of the General Assembly. In an “off-off year” election, 31% is a lofty goal. As things get worse in Washington, though, it is critical to have a Democratically controlled General Assembly that will work to protect Virginia’s air and water, support public education, adopt common-sense gun safety reforms and support the civil rights of every Virginian.

The good news is that Hanover Democrats have the best candidates ever! Their commitment to winning these campaigns is inspiring, but they need everyone’s help to finish strong. Pledge to do at least one activity for our candidates this week. Canvassing is the most effective thing you can do to turn out the vote. You will work in teams and only go to Democratic houses, so you will have great conversations with like minded neighbors, who most likely will know nothing about our candidates.

If you can’t canvass, please consider the opportunities to phone bank or write post cards below and, of course, donate and get to donate again, if you possibly can. Now is the time to dig deep!