Action 1:

Say “No” to white supremacy. 

On Friday, New Zealand authorities arrested the alleged perpetrator of the bombings that killed 50 people as they were were worshipping in mosques. The suspect had written a 74-page manifesto in which he described Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”. In response Trump made a statement in which he sent “warm sympathy” to the people of New Zealand, but failed to condemn white supremacy and Islamophobia as other world leaders are doing. Then he doubled down on his statement by denying that white supremacy is a growing problem despite evidence from the Southern Poverty Law Center to the contrary. Trump’s responses are reminiscent of his statement following the white supremicist, neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville saying there were “very fine people” on both sides.

Insist that Congressman Rob Wittman (202-225-4261 or 804-730-6595 or ( issue a statement taking issue with Trump’s remarks. Trump’s support for white supremacy is emboldening those who would commit violence for this cause, making the world a less safe place.