Hanover County Democratic Committee

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Action 2:

Vote absentee:

It is time to vote in the June 23 Democratic Congressional primary! Many who have never voted by absentee ballot before are doing so now to avoid health risks. There are several ways to vote by an absentee ballot:

Vote by mail: There are two steps to vote by mail. First, you must submit an application to get your absentee ballot. You can do that by calling the Registrar’s Office (804-365-6080) or requesting one online at www.elections.Virginia.gov or www.eabsentee.org/g/ts. If you are a member of the Hanover Democratic Committee, you can forego this step, because the committee will mail you an application within the next two weeks.

After submitting the application you will get your ballot in the mail. Remember it is your ballot and must be accounted for. The only way you can now vote in person is to take that ballot with you to the polls. Once you get your absentee ballot, fill it out and return it in the enclosed envelope to the Hanover Registrar’s Office, P.O. Box 419, Hanover, VA 23069. The instructions will say that you need to have your ballot witnessed, but if you feel that it is unsafe, for this election you can submit your ballot without the witness. You can not change your vote after you have voted absentee. The ballot must be in the Registrar’s Office by 7 pm on Election Day.

If you choose to cast your ballot online, you must provide your social security number and your Virginia driver’s ID number.

In-person curbside application and voting: You may go to the Registrar’s office at the Wickham Building (7497 County Complex Road, Hanover). From 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, drive to the curbside voting cones at the Wickham Building, stay in your car and ask for the absentee voting application and ballot; then vote for the Democratic Congressional Candidate of your choice.