Action 2:

Say “No” to tariffs.

You can’t drive far in Hanover County without passing a soybean field. Grain farming is an important part of the county economy. Senators Warner and Kaine report that Virginia soybean exports to China, Virginia’s number one export market for soybeans, have decreased 83% since Trump instigated the trade war with China. Bean prices are dropping and tariffs are rising by the day, causing disruption in the market.

Contrary to Trump’s assertions, the tariffs are being absorbed by Americans who are buying imported goods and by those, like Virginia farmers, who cannot sell their goods abroad. Some estimate it will take 10 years or more for the farmers to reestablish their markets. Seeing that Trump is losing the trade war and rural voters, some Republicans are recommending that taxpayers foot the bill to bail out the farmers.

Tell Congressman Wittman (202-225-4262 or 804-730-6595 or that there are many ways the U.S. could negotiate more fair trade policies with China. Getting our allies to work with us would be one. Trump’s go-it-alone bullying is not working because foreign adversaries have figured out how to manipulate him. They are prepared to wait him out. Tell Wittman the trade war that is hurting Hanover County needs to end and that, while we are sympathetic to farmers, taxpayers should not have to bail out Trump’s failed trade policy.