Take Action: Get out the vote for our candidates.



 Canvassing and phone banking are the fuel that propels a campaign. Please sign up to canvass or phone bank here: https://goo.gl/forms/RSTt7sOPaMaPAIW52. These activities let us know where our voters are, informs them about the upcoming elections and our candidates, and lets us know who needs help with an absentee ballot, rides to the polls, etc. Volunteering is fun, and it's vital to getting our candidates elected. We have a great coordinated campaign organizer, Ian McNally. And when you make a call or knock on a door, you are campaigning for our gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Justin Fairfax, our candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring, and our House Candidates, Morgan Goodman and Cori Johnson. Please volunteer today.