Action 1:

Support the Biden campaign:

Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for president. All Democrats are motivated to oust Trump, but Biden is campaigning in difficult times and is not able to do many of the traditional rallies and fund-raisers. According to NPR the Trump campaign had $107 million on hand at the end of April compared to Biden’s $57 million and the Republican National Committee out-raised the Democratic National Committee by $12 million in April.

It is a difficult economic time for many Democratic supporters, too and many of the ways we would “donate” to the campaign like canvassing and phone-banking are not likely to happen this year. While early poll numbers look promising for Biden, we can take nothing for granted. Painful past experience reminds us that he needs to win in the electoral college, which means winning some difficult states. He needs help in getting his message out. Please consider giving to his campaign if you can. Every dollar helps. Consider it as an investment in a world without Trump as president. Go to: