Action 2:

Defund the Justice Department:

Senator Mark Warner has called for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign as the House Judiciary Committee is investigating charges that Barr is undermining the rule of law by giving favors to defendants in cases involving Trump’s friends, including Michael Flynn and Rodger Stone. Barr has named Trump sycophants as prosecutors in the D.C. office and is trying to do the same in the influential Southern District of New York office. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sharply criticized Barr, but said this is not the time for another impeachment process. Despite withering criticism from former prosecutors, law makers and even his own law school, it is not likely Barr will resign. One option left to mitigate Barr’s destruction is for the House of Representatives to defund (or to make credible threats in that regard) the Justice Department. Call Rob Wittman (202-225-4261 or 804-730-6595) and insist that he support the withdrawal of funds from the office of an Attorney General who is doing political favors for Trump.