Action 3:

Change the names:

Last week the Hanover County School Board abruptly and inexplicably adjourned a meeting they had called to discuss changing the names of the two county schools named for leaders of the Confederacy. Although the public does not know why the meeting was halted, there is speculation that some members have moved toward favoring changing the names, so this is a critical time to make our wishes known.

If anyone is on the fence about whether schools or monuments with Confederate names have a place in 2020 America, please read this difficult, but powerful, testimony:

Then, call or write our school board members and ask them to change the names.

John F. Axselle III
Beaverdam District - Chairman
Phone: (804) 798-7782

Ola J. Hawkins
Ashland District - Vice Chair
Phone: (804) 357-3743

Kelly K. Evko
South Anna District
Phone: (804) 396-8228

Sterling H. Daniel
Mechanicsville District
Phone: (804) 746-1887

Robert L. Hundley, Jr.
Chickahominy District
Work: (804) 550-9222, Home: 730-3415

Norman K. Sulser
Cold Harbor District
Phone: (804) 746-0331

George E. Sutton
Henry District
Phone: (804) 779-3324