Welcome to Ashland District

Ashland, also known as the "Center of the Universe," includes the Town of Ashland, the Ashcake Road area and areas along Sliding Hill Road to the southeast including most of Kings Charter, Fox Head, Atlee Ridge, Kingswood Court and Castlewood subdivisions.

There are five precincts and voting locations in the Ashland District:

  • Ashland (new boundaries, Ashland south of VA 54) - Ashland Library, 201 South Railroad Avenue

  • Berkley (new precinct, Ashland north of VA 54) - John M. Gandy Elementary, 201 Archie Cannon Drive

  • Chickahominy (new precinct in Ashland) - Chickahominy Middle School, 9450 Atlee Station Road

  • Kersey Creek (new precinct in Ashland) - Kersey Creek Elementary, 10004 Learning Lane

  • Sliding Hill - Chickahominy Fire Station, 10414 Leadbetter Road

District Chair - John G. Schuiteman