Welcome to Beaverdam District

The Beaverdam District borders three counties:  Louisa to the west, Caroline to the north, and King William to the east.  Beaverdam runs north of Route 33 and Ashcake Road and New Ashcake Road to Route 301, excluding the Town of Ashland.  The district extends south of Route 33 around the Elmont area and also runs down the east side of Route 301 between 301 and the railroad tracks to New Ashcake Road.

The Beaverdam District has seven precincts and six voting locations:

  • Beaverdam - Beaverdam Elementary School, 15478 Beaverdam School Road

  • Blunts - Doswell Ruritan, 16433 Washington Highway

  • Courthouse/Split Courthouse - Administration Building, 7516 County Complex Road 

  • Oak Hill - Patrick Henry High School, 12449 Patrick Henry Road

  • Oak Knoll - Oak Knoll Middle School, 10295 Chamberlayne Road

  • Wilmington Parish - Patrick Henry High School, 12449 Patrick Henry Road.