Welcome to Chickahominy District

The Chickahominy District encompasses the southwest side of Atlee Station Road, the northeast side of Atlee Station Road starting at Ivy Banks and running southeast toward Atlee HS and Route 301 plus both sides of Atlee Road up to Shady Grove Road and down to the Chickahominy River from Route 301 to the Summer Walk neighborhood.  Chickahominy also includes neighborhoods on both sides of Cool Spring Road and along the south side of New Ashcake Road from Route 301 to Sliding Hill Road. It also includes stretches down Studley Road to the Avondale neighborhood, and along Pole Green Road to include Verdi Lane and Bell Creek. It also includes some neighorhoods northwest of Shady Grove Road as it runs southeast of Meadowbridge Road.

The Chickahominy District includes all or portions of 30+ Hanover County subdivisions. The subdivisions range from some of the earliest in the county such as Craney Island Estates, Blue Star Estates and Atlee Manor to some of the most recent including: Madison Spring, Atlee Station Village, Cool Well, Rutland, Bell Creek and Chickahominy Oaks.

The Chickahominy District includes four precincts and voting locations:

  • Atlee at Atlee High School, 9414 Atlee Station Road

  • Cool Spring at a new location, Pearson's Corner Elementary, 8290 New Ashcake Road

  • Clay at Washington Henry Elementary, 9025 Washington Henry Drive

  • Shady Grove at a new location, Rural Point Elementary School, 7161 Studley Road

District Chair - Therese May