Welcome to Cold Harbor District

Cold Harbor residents stepped forward in growing numbers during the 2012 election to support our Democratic candidates -- through phone canvassing, distributing campaign signs and serving as poll workers, as well as voting. For a significant number it was their first times working in an election.

With the help of all of our Democratic Cold Harbor District residents we can make great strides in changing the political culture of our county.

The Cold Harbor District is located in the Eastern Part of Hanover County generally located south of Old Church Road and east of U.S. Highway 360 (Mechanicsville Turnpike).

Cold Harbor precincts are:

  • Battlefield (Battlefield Park Elementary School) -  at 5501 Mechanicsville Turnpike, corner of Hwy 360 and Walnut Grove Road

  • Cold Harbor (Cold Harbor Elementary School) - 6740 Cold Harbor Road

  • Black Creek (Fellowship of the Black Creek Church) - 6229 McClellan Road

  • Pebble Creek (East Hanover Rescue Squad Building) - 8105 Walnut Grove Road

  • Beaverdam Creek (Post 9808 VFW Building) - 7168 Flag Lane

District Chair - Diane Neergaard