Welcome to South Anna

The South Anna District is generally located between West Patrick Henry Road and Route 33 to the North, the Hanover County line to the west, the Hanover County line to the south and Interstate 95 to the East.

South Anna includes five precincts and polling locations:

  • Elmont (Elmont Elementary School) - 12007 Cedar Lane

  • Farrington (Farrington Fire Station) - 12130 Farrington Road

  • Montpelier (The Montpelier Center for Arts and Education) - 17205 Mountain Road

  • Rockville (Rockville Library) - 16660 Pouncey Tract Road

  • South Anna (South Anna Elementary School) - 13122 Walton's Tavern Road

District Chair - Mary Knight

The South Anna District is mostly rural with several small towns and villages. However, like other areas of the country, South Anna is feeling the effects of the economy. At the same time, we are coming to grips with issues such as development and traffic congestion.

Mary Knight