Outdoor Barbecue in Beaverdam

Sept. 24, 5 to 7 p.m.

Sponsored jointly by the HDC Men's Forum and Women's Coffee Caucus.
It's Free, Delicious and Fun!

Yard Signs Are Here

Our combined campaign yard signs for Northam, Fairfax and Herring are here. Get your sign at the Sept. 9 meeting...they are free. Or call 804-916-0693 to pick one up at 309 Hillsway Drive in Ashland. Also, we will have House candidate signs for our House of Delegate candidates Cori Johnson (for the 97th District--to the east of Rt.) and Morgan Goodman (for the 55th district--to the west of Rt. 301) at the Sept. 9 monthly meeting. We have plenty of signs, but they will go fast. Don't wait! Get yours now!

Delicious Fundraiser Planned for Cori Johnson

Running for the 97th House of Delegates Seat

Addie Brugger and David Irving will host a delicious fundraiser for Cori Johnson, our 97th District House of Delegates candidate at Addie's home,  1973 Retreat Drive, Mechanicville, on Saturday, Sept. 23 at 6 p.m. This fundraiser will feature the hors d'oeuvres of David Irving.

The day to day of a high school democrat

By Maddie Lee
Hanover County High School Student

Every day I go to school and I am amazed by the number of people who vote and lobby against their own interests.  First, a bit of background information.  My school is redder than the necks of the Hanover County Tea Partiers.  My peers are so Republican that the day after Donald - “I’m a great business man even though I’ve filed for bankruptcy six times” - Trump got elected, I was greeted by giant American flags, Trump/Bush shirts, and overly patriotic shorts.  So, on top of my disillusionment with my country that it could make such a huge mistake, I was appalled that my friends could be brainwashed by the insane extremist Republican rhetoric.

Yes, We Democrats Do Have A Message!

Message from HDC Chair,
Toni Radler

The talking heads keep trying to tell us that the only message the Democratic Party has is dislike for Donald Trump. Well, we certainly, do dislike Trump's dangerous narcissism, his disdain for the news media, his lack of understanding of the constitution, and his scorn for the judiciary. We are astounded by his un-American love for all things Russian and even for dictators in any country where he might be able to put a Trump Tower. We are disgusted by his vulgarity, his crude assertions about women, his inability to articulate beyond a tweet. Charlottesville took off any camouflage that may have been hiding his prejudice against blacks, Latinos, immigrants, and gays. We see him clearly for the racist and misogynist that he is. And mostly we are concerned that his damaging presidency is precedent setting. That like a terrible out of control forest fire, it will leave scars on the institution of the presidency, change it for the worst for years to come...maybe forever. Some of us are even concerned that there won't be "years to come" because of his recklessness in tweeting about global issues.

Gettin' some butts in the seats

by Ashley R. Hall 

Remember Sister Act? A great movie that stands the test of time. A group of nuns have a choir, which fulfills its intention of singing about God, but has some honkin' big problems. They're boring and they don't sing cohesively as a group, which makes everyone think they can't sing. One is too loud, one is too soft and the others are facing the wrong way. Are they doing what they set out to do? Yes technically, but without anyone to watch them, they're pretty useless.  

Enter Whoopi Goldberg, who just makes a few small tweaks and throws in some glitter to completely transform them. And I think how she does it applies directly to how the Democrats can and will kick a** once again.  

Yard Signs Are Here

Our combined campaign yard signs for Northam, Fairfax and Herring are here. Get your sign at the Sept. 9 meeting...they are free.

Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

Hanover Democrats are reaching out to the local community and beyond to build a stronger tommorrow and brighter future.  We are in this together.  There is always room for more support.  Volunteers can help in many ways.

Setting our Sights on a November Win

The next meeting of the Hanover Democratic Committee on Saturday, August 12 at 10 a.m. will focus on "Trouble in our Own Backyard"--that is another KKK rally in Charlottesville. There has already been one greatly publicized KKK Rally in Charlottesville, but now, the group is trying to revitalize itself by bringing in Alt Right members from around the country.