Sad for the passing of Ragan Phillips

Ragan Phillips, a voice of activism, has passed to the next life recently. We are sad about the loss because Ragan was the voice of reason and passion.  He always had strength in his convictions. Information about his services is not currently available. Please stay tuned for more announcements.


The candidates cannot get out on the stump. So we will do the next best thing with a 1st Congressional District Virtual Candidates Forum at 3 p.m. on April 19. The forum will take place on Zoom. Registration information will be forthcoming.  Candidates Vangie Williams and Qasim Rashid will be participating.  Please address questions to John Suddarth,

Call for a Caucus of the Hanover Democratic Committee to elect Delegates and Alternates to the First District and State Conventions

Please read carefully, if you would like to take part in the state and national delegate selection for the presidential Democratic Party process.  The Virginia State Democratic Party has decided to host all of the calls to caucus in virtual forums. You can access their call update, statewide caucus, delegate filling, and participant forms at the links below this message. So, what does this mean? 

  1. Hanover Democrats, If you want to participate in the statewide delegate selection process for the National Convention, you must register with the state Democratic Party by April 9.
  2. The national delegates will be selected from among the state delegates.
  3. The Hanover Democratic Committee has qualified to have 22 delegates (16 for Biden and 6 for Sanders, with 4 and 1 alternates, respectively).  Delegates must support the candidate for whom they signify in the application form.
  4. Use the links below to register for the delegate selection process with the state party.
  5. At this moment, all caucus’ and delegate conventions will be completed virtually.  The Virginia Democratic Party will keep all participants updated.
  6. There is a virtual delegate selection training at 7 pm on April 2.  Click here to register for the training.

Click here for the DPVA Caucus Update

Click here for the DPVA Statewide Call to Virtual Caucus

Pre-Filing Forms

Click here for the pre-filing form to be a State Delegate or Alternate

Click here for the pre-filing form to participate in a Presidential Caucus

More information about the delegate selection process:

Democratic Scholarship for High School Seniors!

The Hanover Democratic Committee would like to award scholarships of approximately $500 to one or more graduating seniors from each of our county high schools. If you could help us to impart this information to any pertinent teachers and/or students, we would be very grateful.

-The scholarship is not needs-based or for academic merit; it is for students who have participated in Democratic campaigns, supported Democratic candidates, helped the Hanover Democratic Committee or participated in/started a Young Democrats Club.

-An electronic copy of the application is attached here. The mailing address for completed applications is located at the top of the form. We are aiming for a deadline of April 30, 2020. Please feel free to contact Andrea Ferment at the email address or phone number below should you have any questions.

We were so happy to award ten scholarships in the past two years and look forward to awarding more this year!

Andrea Ferment
Chair, Scholarship Committee
Hanover Democratic Committee

Artistic Opportunity for High School student artists

The Congressional Art Competition is open to all high school students currently living in the First District. The winner of our district's competition will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol. The exhibit in Washington will also include artwork from other contest winners nation-wide.  You can find the 2020 Rules and Regulations here and the Congressional Art Competition Website here.

Message from the Chair

Dan McGraw

Hi Everyone. I hope this message finds you well and safe. To retain some normalcy, we will be moving forward with remote meetings and reaching out by email and phone for the foreseeable future.

Like many and most, I have been "sheltering in place" recently and I watched the "Hillary" documentary on Hulu. And it got me thinking about leaders, and how for a truly great leader when there is a great struggle, there is also a great opportunity.
Out of the Depression, Roosevelt developed vital financial protections. Given a significant deficit, Bill Clinton balanced the budget. Against the recession, Obama stabilized oil prices. And many other people came together through their own leadership, at every level, to make our country better for all members of our society.

And on Hillary's final day of college, the student body unanimously selected her to be the first student ever at Wellesley College to take part in the commencement speech, even after many important figures at the time told her to sit down and be quiet. The speech is well worth watching and I'll include the full version here.

Her speech spoke to me of true leadership, and I think it struck me hard because it was such a juxtaposition to the commander-in-chief we have today. I do not know the current President, but I have heard him speak, and I know people who have known him. He has not done much good in his life. In fact, the opposite is true. And so, I cannot connect with the current President, even at this time, when I need his leadership the most. But, I will look forward with excitement to the future Democratic nominee. Look at all the good our candidates have done, are doing, and can do. Once we select a nominee, let us unite with our full support so that we do not lose an opportunity to encourage our party leaders to shine. Let us also get excited about the candidates down the ballot and put your Democratic enthusiasm to good use!

Hanover County Budget Public Hearing

In observance of Gov. Northam's order to not meet in groups larger than 10, the County is making public input available prior to the next budget hearing on April 1.  You can access the full announcement here.  You can call 365-3333 to leave a message about the budget. A limit of three minutes per comment will be observed.  You also can email your comments to this address:  The County will gather comments from March 26 through 5:00 p.m. on March 31.

Get ready for the elections!

The next election will be for Town Council is Ashland.  This always brings up a little bit of confusion.  There are three Ashlands in Virginia:  the 23005 national zip code, the Hanover District, and the Municipal Town proper.  If you live in the actual town, and you are a registered voted, you may participate in the upcoming election on May 5.  Governor Northam has advised all registered voters to consider voting absentee.  You may register to vote absentee online now.  If you do so, the County will mail you a ballot which you must complete and mail back to the County by the appropriate deadline.  To apply to file absentee click here.  More information on voting is here.  The schedule of other voting activities may be found here.  

We now have two Candidates for CD1

In June, we will be voting on which of the two candidates will receive the nomination as the Democratic challenger to Rep. Rob Wittman for the first congressional district of the House of Representatives.  The candidates are Qasim Rashid and Vangie Williams. Two years ago, Mrs. Williams ran an impressive campaign against Rep. Wittman (R), capturing over 44% of the votes. Last year, Mr. Rashid narrowly lost the Virginia District 28 Senate seat to the incumbent Republican, capturing over 42% of the votes. Rashid appeared recently on the CBS Evening News. Recently, Phil Cox has suspended his campaign.  Earlier in the year, other candidates have announced and suspended.  All of these announcements and changes are evidence that we are on the right wave and that Democrats are going to "win bigly" (to quote the POTUS45) in November. Neither the current presidential follies nor COVID-19 will deter us. We will win in the elections and we will win in humanity!