Become an Officer of Elections

Be a part of making history! Citizens serving as an Officer of Elections will receive training and compensation ($135/day). To learn more about becoming an Officer of Elections, contact the registrar's office at (804) 365-6080.  For a link to the application, click here. One of the best ways to ensure that we have a safe and fair election is to have good people working at the polls. Hanover has many polling stations.  For the link to all of the polling places we have in the County, click here. We need Officers of Elections. Please consider becoming one.

Qasim Rashid for Congress

Congratulations to Qasim Rashid in his bid to be the Democratic nominee for the First Congressional District. As some of you may recall, Qasim was featured on the nightly news a few months ago. He is an excellent candidate.  We look forward to supporting him and the other Democratic candidates, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Mark Warner, on Tuesday, November 3.


You can complete your application for a mail-in ballot now. The ballot will then be mailed to you in September. Learn more here: