Coordinated signs are in!

The long-awaited yard signs and large 4x4 signs are now in. You can call the usual people who get signs to you, or you can fill out this Google form and we will find a way to the signs to you as quickly as we can. You can access the Google form through this link:

Absentee and Early Voting

Some of you and your neighbors may have seen envelopes with "vote by mail" stamped on the outside delivered to their doors. This is an effort by many Hanover Democratic volunteers, coordinated by Ashley Hall, to safely get the word out that we need everyone to vote. This year, all registered voters can vote absentee in-person or by mail-in ballot.  They can also vote curbside and in-person through the new early vote (up to 45 days prior to the election). The final day to vote is Tuesday, November 3. This country's future depends on every vote. We need Qasim Rashid in Congress, Mark Warner in the Senate, Kamala Harris as the Vice President, and Joe Biden as the President. Information about voting and registering to vote can be found here:

Qasim and Mary Trump

Tune in on Facebook to see/hear Mary Trump's discussion about her uncle.