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Call to Caucus:

In order to read the rules and procedures for the call to caucus click here.

For information about the by-laws check out the links below:

The proposed by-laws from the 2019 committee are here:  click here.

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To access the previous by-laws from the 2017 committee, click here.

Nine Candidates Are Running In Hanover

Hanover has the best lineup of candidates that we've had in decades. They are:

Morgan Goodman, 55th District House Race
Dr. Kevin Washington, 97th District House Race

Stan Scott, 4th Senate District
Sen. Jennifer McClellan, 9th Senate District
Debra Rodman, 12th Senate District

Faye Prichard, Ashland District Board of Supervisors
Crystal Robens, Beaverdam District Board of Supervisors
James Doran, Cold Harbor District Board of Supervisors
Clara James Scott, South Anna District Board of Supervisors Race
Please see Take Action Now for a listing of the candidates' upcoming events and links to their websites.

Hanover Tomato Festival

Please join the Hanover Democrats Saturday, July 13th 9am-4pm for the 2019 Hanover Tomato Festival. It’s a great event and our last outreach event of the season, so we encourage all of you to volunteer an hour or two at the HDC booth with Director of Outreach Ashley Hall and other members of the Hanover Democratic Committee.  We are at Booth 145 in between Usborne Books & More and Mike Delvin State Farm, and it’ll be a great day full of flags, stickers, signing people up for the HDC newsletter, and promoting our great candidates and our great organization. 

Please stop and say hi with your tomatoes and if you want to volunteer with us at Booth 145, you can call or text 804.651.8342 or email at  Look for the booth handing out little American flags and we'll see you there!


Morgan Goodman - Canvassing, Kings Charter Clubhouse Parking Lot, 9407 Kings Charter Dr., Mechanicsville, 1-3pm

Morgan Goodman  - Postcard writing & Phone banking, Ashland Library, 6-8:30 pm

Morgan Goodman - Caroline/Spotsylvania Meet & Greet, Timbers Restaurant & Bar, Ruther Glen, 2-4pm

Morgan Goodman - Postcard writing & Phone banking, Ashland Library, 6-8:30 pm

All Candidates - Hanover Tomato Festival, Pole Green Park, Mechanicsville, 5:30-8pm

All Candidates - Hanover Democratic Committee Meeting, Ashland Coffee & Tea, Ashland, 10 am
All Candidates - Hanover Tomato Festival, Pole Green Park, Mechanicsville, 9-4pm

Morgan Goodman - Write postcards from home, contact Eileen at 804.513.3005 or


James Doran, Board of Supervisors (BOS) Cold Harbor District - Contact Louise Evans ( if the above dates don't work and you would like to write postcards at home.

Morgan Goodman (, House of Delegates 55th District - Contact Morgan if you would like to write postcards or do phone calls from home.  Also please contact Morgan if you would like to "Canvassing with the Candidate" in your neighborhood any day of the week/weekend.

Jennifer McClellan, 9th Senatorial District- Contact Ngiste Abebe (

Faye Prichard (, BOS Ashland District 

Debra Rodman (, 12th Senatorial District

Crystal Robens (, BOS Beaverdam District

Clara Scott ( 804.719.1805, BOS South Anna District

Stan Scott, 4th Senatorial District - Contact Madison Scalf ( 804.592.8426

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The 2019 Melissa J. Dopp/ Bobby Ostergren Scholarship- $500
Application Deadline- May 10, 2019
PO Box 22, Ashland, VA 23005 or

The Hanover Democratic Committee will present the Melissa J. Dopp/ Bobby Ostergren Scholarship to a maximum of four graduation High School Seniors from the Atlee, Patrick Henry, Hanover, and Lee-Davis high schools who have assisted the Hanover Democratic Committee, participated in Democratic campaigns, supported Democratic candidates or have participated in or started a Young Democrats club in his/her school.  Up to four scholarships will be awarded in May 2019.  This is not a needs-based scholarship, but rather a scholarship designed to recognize students with the highest level of participation and involvement in Democratic campaigns and activities.


Applicant Name:_________________________________________________________________________________

Mother's Name:__________________________________________ Father's Name:  ________________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________________________

City:  ________________________________  State:  ____________  Zip:  __________________________________

Primary Phone:  ____________________________________  Alternate Phone:  _____________________________

Email Address:  _______________________________________________

High School:  _________________________________________________

College or Technical School You Hope to Attend:  ________________________________________________________

Please list the Democratic campaigns you worked on, the year and describe what you did/per volunteer experience (for instance, Kaine campaign, 2018 four phone banks in September-October).  Add another sheet if necessary.





Did you participate in any Democratic functions at your High School?  Yes__________  No___________

If yes, please list:



Any other information you wish to add:  


Submit application to Lyn Hodnett, Scholarship Chair,, 804-382-4532

Grassroots Award Winner

don and donna

Ashland Resident Don Barth was named the First Congressional Grassroots Award Winner for his volunteer activities supporting local, statewide and national Democratic candidates. He was chosen among nominees from 13 county committees in the First Congressional District. Don’s wife, Donna Barth, is also active in campaign activities. They are a dynamic duo. Both were presented complimentary tickets to the Hanover Democratic Committee’s upcoming Blue Wave Bash which will feature U.S. Senator Mark Warner on Thursday, April 25. Click here to purchase your ticket online. 

Below is Delegate Fowler's letter to his constituents about the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Dear XXX,

                Thank you for contacting me about the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).  According to the Archivist of the United States, the ERA is not currently pending before the states but is categorized as a failed amendment.  The General Assembly does not have the power to ratify an amendment to the Constitution of the United States not currently pending before the states.
                Congress submitted the ERA to the states in 1972 with a seven-year deadline for ratification.  The amendment appeared to be moving quickly towards adoption with 35 states ratifying it when concerns were raised about potential unintended consequences, including the loss of religious liberties and its impact on public facilities.
                Once those concerns were raised not only did no new states ratify the amendment, but 5 states rescinded their previous ratification.  As the original 1979 deadline approached, Congress extended the deadline to 1982.  When the second deadline passed, Congress declined to extend it again, effectively withdrawing the amendment from consideration. This fact was generally recognized by both proponents and opponents of the amendment at the time, as efforts to get additional states to ratify it ceased for more than a decade. Not only that but in 1983 proponents introduced a new ERA in Congress because the original amendment was no longer valid.


Keepers - Stan Scott, Kevin Washington, James Doran would like to keep their signs. Please contact them to handoff.

Recyclers - Morgan Goodman, Clara Scott, Debra Rodman, and Crystal Robens would like to recycle their signs as possible.

All pieces are recyclable, except the hard plastic. Do this first: Separate all plastic and paper sleeves from the wires. Take paper sleeves to county transfer stations; place in the 'paper only' dumpster for recycling. Take hard plastic signs to county transfer station - put in dumpster for trash.

Plastic sleeves and wires: During Dec. 1-15 our environmentalist volunteers will collect these at several locations. Prepare this way: Put plastic sleeves in a plastic trash bag; secure it so they won't spill out; bundle wires with zip ties or duct tape for ease of handling.

Western Hanover collection point for ONLY plastic sleeves:
Mary Knight, 13442 Farrington Rd. Place bag in the barn.

Western Hanover collection point for ONLY wires:
Mary Anne Pugh, 15209 Mountain Rd. Come down the drive, bear right at the fork, turn right into the parking area, put wires in front of the garage.

Central and Eastern Hanover collection points for plastic sleeves AND wires:
Toni Radler, 309 Hillsway Dr., Ashland. Come in the driveway, open pedestrian garage door, place in/near green 'recycle' box on the right.
James Wilkerson, 8114 Goodfellow Lane, Mech'ville. Place INSIDE unlocked bed of Pathfinder - don't leave on the ground.

Meet Caroline Cooke immediately after the HDC meeting on 12/14, until 12 noon, in the library parking lot. White Volvo, license 4DDOG.
You may drop plastic sleeves and wires at the collection points through 12/15, not after that. Volunteers will pick up the plastic sleeves and wires from the collection points. Thank you for recycling!