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We have postcards available for the Herb Jones for Congress campaign. We will bring these to upcoming HDC meetings for anyone who would like to take a packet home to write. Each packet of 30 comes with scripts, address labels and stamps (if you need them). There will also be in-person pick-up opportunities in August (6, 20, 27th at 10 a.m.) at the Atlee Library. If you would like to write but can't make it to any of these, please email Colleen ( or Louise ( We hope to have postcards and addresses for Josh Throneburg as well, so stay tuned.


Canvassing is both a lot of fun and a wonderful chance to connect with folks in your community. If you're interested in helping us reach out to voters across the Fifth Congressional District, our field team, Chris, Ashley, Michael, Wendy, Trenton, and Elizabeth are excited to help you get rolling! You can sign up here to learn more.

We canvass in Hanover for Josh weekly. To join a canvass, please email Ashley at
Or you can join our digital phone banks on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday nights.

To sign up, click here:

Wednesday night -

Sunday afternoon - 

When we canvass, of course, we tell voters about Josh, but more importantly, we listen to their concerns. It's impossible to know how to best represent folks if you've never asked them what matters to them, but we talk to voters every day who've never had a politician ask them what they thought about anything. We're changing that with every knock and every phone call. We've reached out to about 20,000 voters already, and we're not slowing down. We love getting out and talking to voters: it's the way we're going to be able to flip this district. It does, however, take time, energy and (of course) money. If you're able to help financially, you can support our efforts right here.


Financial: We’ve had a great month in fundraising, surpassing the 100k mark and well on our way to surpassing 150k by the end of the month. However, we are still behind where we would like to be, so, please donate here.

Voter Outreach: We’ve had a full calendar this month! Herb attended a gun safety town hall (which his opponent failed to attend), the Gloucester Dems Summer Social, various fundraisers across the Commonwealth (and in D.C.), and meetings with many local organizations throughout the district.

This month saw the beginning of our summer canvassing launches, with door knocking in Chesterfield, Henrico, and Williamsburg. We also launched our sign delivery program, with volunteers hand-delivering signs to fellow voters.

Hirings: The campaign has brought on Stephen Rast as field director. He spearheads our canvassing launches, phone banking and postcard writing operations.


In the news:
In case you missed it, the Washington Post deemed our race as the one to "keep an eye on in Virginia." Read the article here:

In the past month, the Herb Jones Campaign has almost quadrupled the amount raised in the first 2 months of the campaign. However, we are still extremely behind Wittman in fundraising, so please donate here:

Voter Outreach:
We are looking for people to host meet and greets. Please contact Russell at if you would like to plan one.

We are starting our issue town hall tour around the district in Henrico County next week on the topic of Gun Safety. Both candidates have been invited to attend this event and Herb is the only candidate who has accepted the invitation at this time. The information is linked on Facebook::

Follow our socials:
Twitter: @herb4virginia
Instagram: @herbjones4virginia


Josh's campaign has been designated the third most competitive race in the state, behind incumbents Abigail Spanberger and Elaine Luria. He was also recently endorsed by Rep. Spanberger and Rep. McEachin. So every cent and every minute of volunteering could make the difference in throwing Trump and Youngkin endorsed, alt-right conspiracy theorist, MAGA Republican Bob Good out of office and putting Josh in. So please:

Donate: and

Volunteer: Please email Ashley at for canvassing, phone banking, text banking, postcard writing, sign delivery, or meet and greet opportunities. Or you can fill out this volunteer form -


Drinking Liberally is a nonpartisan social organization where self-identified liberals and progressives gather in bars or restaurants to socialize and talk politics. It is the most well-known program of the Living Liberally network.
We plan to meet at 6:30 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month (except November due to Thanksgiving) at Mexico Restaurant in Mechanicsville.
Here’s to great company and lively conversation,
Wendy & Michael Brooks
(804) 283-1156

ethan lynne receives hdc scholarship

Ethan C. Lynne of Ashland is the winner of the 2021 Melissa J. Dopp/Bobby Ostergren Scholarship, awarded yearly by the Hanover Democratic Committee to graduating Hanover County seniors with the highest level of participation and involvement in Democratic campaigns and activities.

Lynne, a graduating senior at Patrick Henry, is winning a $1,200 scholarship award. He is the son of Andy and Karen Lynne of Ashland. Lynne plans to attend The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., to pursue a degree in political communications. He has an extensive background in participating in Democratic Party causes. In 2019 he interned with the Democratic Party of Virginia in their Richmond office. In 2020 he ran text banks for the Biden/Warner/Rashid/McAuliffe campaigns, texting thousands of voters. His text banking work continued into 2021 when he led High-Schoolers for Terry (McAuliffe) and texted more than 2 million Virginians. From June 2020 to the present, he has served as the co-chair of Virginia Teen Democrats, leading members and coordinating multiple events. Throughout 2021 he served as a digital intern with the DPVA, writing fundraising letters and designing graphics. Lynne also registered numerous voters at his high school for the 2021 election.


Just as a reminder, HDC members must rejoin every 2 years. The new year started January of this year and many members have yet to rejoin. So just as a reminder, previous members please rejoin and all people who are interested in joining please join. If you would like to rejoin/join online please visit this link: Hanover Democrats - Dues. The online form will allow you to pay your dues with a credit card via Act Blue.


Postcards to Hanover voters from the Hanover Registrar’s Office went out by mail last week with mistaken information. Rachel Levy reached out to Registrar Teri Smithson, who confirmed that Ashland residents were told they are in the 60th House District, when they are in fact in the 59th. Please check your postcards when they come and have your friends and neighbors do the same. It appears that the mistake was limited to Ashland Precinct 101. An explanation from the county is located here.


Our own Don Barth has taken it upon himself to point out the differences between our party and the do-nothing, go-backward Republicans. Here's a cheat sheet:

Following are just a few of the many things the Democrats have recently provided in Virginia and the nation:

1. Universal access to high-speed internet

2. Easier access to voting

3. Expanded access to health care

4. Increased funding for education

5. Reduced child poverty in the U.S. by 30%

6. Funded infrastructure projects: bridges, transit, rail, replacement of lead pipes, clean water and the electric grid

7. Raised the minimum wage in Virginia

8. President Biden in his first year created 6 million new jobs, the most jobs created in one year.

9. Abolished the death penalty

10. 10th among all states and first in the South in the percent of people fully vaccinated against COVID-19

11. $2.6 billion budget surplus in Virginia

12. Enacted the Virginia Clean Economy Act

13. The unemployment rate dropped from 6.2% when President Biden took office to 3.9% a year later, the largest single-year drop in American history.

14.  When President Biden took office, more than 18 million people were receiving unemployment benefits. One year later, only 2 million people were receiving these benefits, the largest single drop in one year.   

15.  The number of households reporting that they sometimes or often did not have enough food to eat dropped by 32%. 

16.  Largest investment ever in the power grid, electric vehicle chargers and climate resilience.

17.  First-ever approvals of large-scale offshore wind projects.

18.  Largest investment and national bipartisan plan to get safe and clean drinking water to all Americans.

NEW MOON BASH: The Best Ever!

by Toni Radler

The speakers stole the show at the HDC's annual fundraising event, the New Moon Bash on Thursday, April 28. More than 150 people attended the event held at beautiful Oakdale RVA, an event venue west of Ashland.

Pat Hunter-Jordan, president of the Hanover NAACP, spoke passionately about the challenges Blacks have had in Hanover and about how they continue to face those challenges. She reminded us that social justice doesn't come cheap or easy. She roused us all to continue to fight for the rights of minority groups and never to turn our backs on "good trouble."

Chris Piper, former director of the state department of elections, warned us to be on guard and be prepared to defend the right to vote in upcoming Hanover elections. Chris told us that, “Virginia is a model for the nation on how to conduct free and fair elections.”

Our keynote, Sen. Louise Lucas, raised the roof as she described going to the mat in the recent General Assembly to defend progress made by Democrats in the past two sessions, progress now being challenged by Youngkin Republicans. She urged us to fight for those rights at the polls, in our schools, in the workplace and in our communities. She promised to go anywhere and make every effort to win back the House and governorship. “If you need my help, call me. I’ll be there.” She was an amazing speaker.

The real attraction of the event was the reunion of Hanover Democrats who haven't been able to meet in such large numbers for the past two years because of COVID. It was so good to be together.

A shoutout to the volunteers who worked hard to put on the New Moon Bash is in order, especially to our Master of Ceremonies John Suddarth, HDC's fundraising chair who led the planning for the Bash. And a special shoutout to Andrea Ferment, owner of Honey Girl Flowers, who donated her time and talent to create spectacular flower arrangements for the tables. And to Amy Cheeley for her beautiful graphic design on the invitations and printed materials at the event. The Premiere Trio with John and Jeanette Creger and Bob Saydlowski performed at the cocktail party before the opening of the New Moon Bash.

The Bash is held each year (with the exception of the past two years, due to COVID) as the HDC's major fundraising event. This year, the New Moon Bash raised almost $10,000 to help support local and statewide candidates.

Thanks to all who supported this important fundraising event. A special “Thank You” to our New Moon Bash Committee and our Volunteers:

The New Moon Bash Committee

John Suddarth, Chair
Caroline Cooke
Tom Hicks
Rachel Levy
Joette Mitchell
Mary Anne Pugh
Toni Radler

Our Volunteers

Don Barth
Donna Barth
Colleen Berry
Fi Berry
Michael Brooks
Wendy Brooks
Rita Dowling
Betsy Farley
Louise Evans
Larry Fellerman
Sandy Fellerman
Claudia Hicks
Mary Knight
Jonathan Knight
Stan Scott
Annette Sirica
Woodi Sprinkel
Sigrid Suddarth


A recent story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch essentially copied and pasted a press release from Del. Buddy Fowler without fact-checking it and without including our own Rachel Levy, who is running in the new 59th House of Delegates District, which includes most of Louisa County, western Hanover County and the town of Ashland, and several precincts in the Brookland and Fairfield Districts of Henrico. The incumbent of the 55th failed to disclose that he does not live in the newly redrawn 59th District, and he has not filed paperwork for a campaign in any event.

Rachel handled it well by contacting the reporter and sending a statement announcing her candidacy. The T-D is behind a firewall, but if you have access, you can read the story at this link.

Visit Rachel's website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


It's been 13 years since the Hanover Democratic Committee held its first annual dinner. We called that fundraiser the Blue Moon Bash because we were able to get Democrats elected only once in a blue moon. We changed our name to the Blue Wave Bash in 2018 after new Democratic statewide candidates, delegates, and senators were swept into office. A bit humbled after 2021 but more determined than ever to realize our Democratic ideals and values, we are now the NEW Moon Bash and we renew and redouble our efforts to create a more perfect American union.

Let us join together at beautiful Oakdale, a new venue just outside Ashland, for our first post-pandemic annual Bash. Be part of our determined effort to turn Hanover blue and create a fairer, better Virginia and an even greater America.

Tickets are available online at the link below. You can also print out the Google document on the second link, fill out your order form and send it with your check to Hanover Democratic Committee, PO Box 22, Ashland, VA 23005. Please direct questions to


The Hanover Democratic Committee will be awarding scholarships of approximately $500 or more to graduating seniors from our county high schools.

The Melissa J. Dopp/Bobby Ostergren Scholarship is awarded yearly by the Hanover Democratic Committee to graduating Hanover County seniors with the highest level of participation and involvement in Democratic campaigns and activities.

The scholarship was established to honor the late Bobby Ostergren, the former Hanover County registrar for many years, and the late Melissa Dopp, a longtime activist in the Hanover Democratic Committee.

The scholarship is not needs-based or for academic merit; it is for students who have participated in Democratic campaigns, supported Democratic candidates, helped the Hanover Democratic Committee or participated in/started a Young Democrats Club.

More details about the scholarship along with the application form can be found on the Hanover County Public Schools scholarship website. The info can be found at the Hanover scholarship website.

(Please note that the scholarship is listed under the April 30, 2022 deadline on the spreadsheet)

We were so happy to award 15 scholarships in the past four years and look forward to awarding more this year. We encourage you to share this information widely, especially with families of senior students.

This year, we have an anonymous donor who will double a $250 donation to the scholarship fund if another HDC member matches the donation. Please contact scholarship chair, Andrea Ferment (, if you are interested in donating funds.

Reorganization of Virginia Democratic CHAIRS

The Virginia Association of Democratic Chairs will be holding its reorganization meeting at noon on Saturday, March 12, electing officers for the next two years. A total of five officers, a chair and four regional vice-chairs (Southeast, Southwest, Central, and Northern Virginia), will be elected. Each chair (or co-chair team) will receive one electronic ballot to vote for chair and your regional vice-chair. You can learn more about the VADC election and rules in this 2022-2023 Reorganization Document.

If you are interested in filing for one of these officer positions, please complete this application form and send it to by 5. p.m., Saturday, March 5.


US House District Five:
US House District One:
US House District Seven:
Hanover County Supervisor (Beaverdam):

Black History Month

In recognition of American studies, the Hanover NAACP started a series about heroes who are not in the history books. One of these “unsung heroes” is Dr. Jamelle Wilson. She served as one of Hanover County’s very best superintendents of public schools. She also directed the Virginia School Board and a host of other great leadership roles. Here is a video with her getting her students ready for college at UR in 2018. You can see why so many educators adore her.
SPCS Student Week 2018 Dean's Introduction
Read more about Dr. Wilson and many other wonderful leaders here:

The Ukrainians Deserve Allies

Many of you have heard or seen the ruthless invasion of a sovereign nation by Russia. It appears that Ukraine wanted to join NATO in an effort to build unity across the Atlantic, in the Black Sea, and around the Mediterranean. For that, Putin launched an attack. War is never good. We hope, pray, and resolve to find diplomatic solutions wherever possible. Save the Children has developed a relief fund to support needy children among other charitable efforts.

CDC Lifts Restrictions

The mask requirements have been relaxed in Hanover County due in part to updated CDC recommendations. Under the new advice, cities and counties that are considered having a medium or low level of transmission have the option to wear masks. More information is available from the CDC.


Here is the 2022 Call to Caucus for the 5th Congressional District in regard to becoming a delegate.


The Hanover Democratic Committee will be awarding scholarships of approximately $500 or more to graduating seniors from our county high schools.

The Melissa J. Dopp/Bobby Ostergren Scholarship is awarded yearly by the Hanover Democratic Committee to graduating Hanover County seniors with the highest level of participation and involvement in Democratic campaigns and activities.

The scholarship was established to honor the late Bobby Ostergren, the former Hanover County registrar for many years, and the late Melissa Dopp, a longtime activist in the Hanover Democratic Committee.

The scholarship is not needs-based or for academic merit; it is for students who have participated in Democratic campaigns, supported Democratic candidates, helped the Hanover Democratic Committee or participated in/started a Young Democrats Club.

More details about the scholarship along with the application form can be found on the Hanover County Public Schools scholarship website. Use the link below:

(please note that the scholarship is listed under the April 30, 2022 deadline on the spreadsheet)

We were so happy to award 15 scholarships in the past four years and look forward to awarding more this year. We encourage you to share this information widely, especially with families of senior students.

This year, we have an anonymous donor who will double a $250 donation to the scholarship fund if another HDC member matches the donation. Please contact scholarship chair, Andrea Ferment (, if you are interested in donating funds.

Save the Date - Big Blue Bash on April 28

Our Big Blue Bash, our annual fundraising dinner with important speakers, will be held on Thursday, April 28 at Oakdale, a beautiful new venue just outside of Ashland. Please save the date! John and Jeanette Creger (The Premiere Band) will be our musical number. Our annual fundraiser is looking to be a great one. More information will be shared soon.

Beaverdam Board of Supervisors

Because we are having a special election for the Beaverdam Board of Supervisors, we want to provide you with information to assist you. Please see the Political Party Bulletin from the Department of Elections:

All candidates running for the seat will use this bulletin:

R. Allen Davidson was appointed as interim supervisor following Bucky Stanley's death. The announcement is here:

Message from Rural Ground Game

We are reaching out to introduce our organization or reconnect with you as we roll out our plans and programs of support for rural Democrats in 2022 and beyond. We have 3 upcoming events, with more on the way. Please join us.

Messaging from the Ground Up at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 9. The purpose of this event is to present some ideas for how Rural GroundGame can be of service to rural Democrats in amplifying locally-sourced messaging across multiple media platforms.

Virtual Barn Raising Tuesday at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 22. We have a great event planned and we can't wait to share with you some exciting news from Rural GroundGame! Come hang out with some of our 2019 and 2021 candidates, organizers and rabble rousers and get engaged in some good conversation about our past work and future plans.

Running for Office in Rural Virginia (virtual): Recruiting & Supporting Diverse Candidates at 7 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 24 on Zoom Rural GroundGame is excited to partner with the Outrun Coalition for an event to encourage diverse candidates to run for office in rural communities.

For more information, Contact: Lynlee Thorne, (540) 820-7134,


A meet-and-greet event is being planned for our Democratic neighbors in eastern Hanover. What a great opportunity to showcase our cause and recruit new supporters in a casual, no-pressure atmosphere.

It will be held from 2-4 p.m., Saturday, March 19, at the Mechanicsville Branch Library, 7461 Sherwood Crossing Place, Mechanicsville.

Guests at the event will include Sen. Jennifer McClellan; Ola Hawkins, chair of the Hanover County School Board; Robert Barnette, president of the State Conference NAACP; Stan Scott, 2021 candidate for the 97th House District; Dr. Rachel Levy, 2021 candidate for the 55th House District; and HDC chair Daniel McGraw, with others to be added.

To RSVP, contact Rita Dowling by text, call 913-710-6310 or email by March 10.

Because COVID cases are unpredictable, confirmation or a postponement date will be sent to you by Sat., March 12.


Hello Fellow HDC Members,

This is Jamey Doran, your new vice-chair overseeing local government here in Hanover. I have a number of ideas about how we can effectively advocate for the things that are important to us with our county Board of Supervisors, School Board and other Board-appointed committees. I also plan to work with other members of the HDC executive committee to identify candidates soon that we would like to run for the Board of Supervisors in 2023 (it seems far off but will be here before you know it).

If you would like to be involved in assisting with this effort, please email me at or call 804-514-7297 and I can add you to our team. I will likely be scheduling a Zoom meeting in late January for all team members so we can brainstorm on how best to spend our time in providing necessary coverage of Hanover County government.


by Ethan Lynne

The Supreme Court of Virginia just signed the final maps for Virginia. For the House of Representatives, Hanover is split between Districts 1 and 5. For the House of Delegates, we’re now split between the 59th and 60th Districts. In the state Senate, we’re split between the 10th and 26th districts. It appears all the districts Hanover is in are now split, and all 3 levels are either Safe or Likely Republican, which is disappointing, and that they completely disregarded all of our public comments, also disappointing.

The following links are to the final maps. Note you can use the zoom function in the lower left, or even type in a specific street address to determine the district you are in.

House of Representatives map:

House of Delegates map:

State Senate map:

Passing of Supervisor Stanley

We are sad to report the death of Aubrey (Bucky) Stanley. He had been a supervisor in Hanover county for five terms, representing the Beaverdam District. No plans for arrangements have been published at this time. When we learn more, we will share on Facebook. Here is the Facebook link/press release from Hanover County:




1. Authority:

Pursuant to the authority provided by the Democratic Party of Virginia Democratic Party Plan, Hanover Democratic Committee (HDC) hereby calls a reorganization meeting. The caucus will convene at 10:00 am.  The "doors will open" at 9:45 a.m. and "will close" at 10:10. All those in line by 10:10 will be allowed to finish the registration process which includes filling out an application form and paying dues. (Anyone needing an exemption from the dues, please see the chair, Daniel McGraw.)

2. Incorporated Documents:

All appropriate provisions of the Virginia Democratic Party Plan (“State Party Plan”), as amended, and the Bylaws (“Bylaws”) of the HDC are incorporated into this Call.

3. Purpose:

The sole purpose of this reorganization shall be to elect members and officers of the HDC for a two-year term and adopt bylaws for 2022-23, in accordance with the State Party Plan and Bylaws.

4. Member Filing Deadline and Requirements:

All potential members must meet the requirements specified by the State Party Plan and the Bylaws and must submit a membership application form and $30.00 dues for two years. Application forms may be downloaded at the committee’s website,

The application form and dues must be received by the opening of the Caucus on December 11.

(Individuals who cannot afford the filing fee may obtain a confidential waiver by contacting the Chair of the HDC, Daniel McGraw, 804-647-9958)

5. Notice Requirements:

It shall be the duty of the HDC officers to ensure that this call receives the widest possible dissemination through the HDC website and the newsletter.

6. Voting Eligibility and Requirements:

Any Democrat who is registered to vote in Hanover County may attend and vote in the reorganization Caucus, provided that he or she signs a declaration that he or she is a Democrat, is a registered voter in Hanover County, believes in the principles of the Democratic Party, and does not intend to support any candidate who is opposed to a Democratic nominee in the next ensuing election.

7. Outreach:

Participation in the Caucus is open to all registered voters who wish to participate as Democrats. Notification of the Caucus and the rules shall be published in the December newsletter, in individual notice by mail to current members, and on the HDC website. In addition, it has been announced at the November meeting and in the November newsletter.

8. Election of Hanover Democratic Committee Officers:

The officers of the Committee shall be elected by the newly organized Committee at the Caucus. Candidates will be nominated from the floor and may have a total of five minutes for themselves or others to advocate for their candidacy. Voting for unchallenged candidates shall be by acclaim; voting for challenged candidates shall be by written ballot of the members present. In the event of a tie, the vote shall be retaken. If there is still a tie, a coin shall be tossed to determine the winner.

Daniel McGraw, Chair


It's time to join Rachel Levy in her final push for the 55th House of Delegates District seat. Rachel has done a great job and she can use our work in the last days of the campaign. What would help most is support for Get Out the Vote efforts. For Monday, Nov.. 1, and Tuesday, Nov. 2., please give a helping hand at the GOTV link:


The McAuliffe campaign for governor is doing a Souls to the Polls event in Spotsylvania from 12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 3. It is a great chance to get out and support Terry, as well as U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger. Plus, 55th House District candidate Rachel Levy will be in attendance. Follow this link to register.


Democrats need a strong showing at the polls on Election Day, Nov. 2. Virginia is in the national news every week because of the governor’s race, and we need to be out supporting all our candidates. As usual, the HDC will be manning all the polls. We normally work two- to three-hour shifts. We typically have a table and canopy (if it rains) where we will have sample ballots, candidate literature and the like. From past experience, many people come to the polls not knowing who they will vote for, so this is a good opportunity to push our candidates. We need volunteers to staff those polling places. If you are willing to give a couple of hours, contact Betsy Farley at or call Don Barth at 856.889.5905 to talk, text or leave a message. When Democrats vote, Democrats win!


It's Knocktober and Calltober for the Rachel Levy campaign. As you've seen from the billboards, events and signs, there's a ton of energy behind Rachel Levy and the Rachel Runs for Us House of Delegates campaign. And we want to take a special moment to thank all of our donors, volunteers and stalwart canvassers and phone bankers who are out every weekend knocking and calling for Rachel. But they need your help! We still have a TON of voters to reach. Can you spare a few hours to volunteer for Rachel before election day on Nov. 2? You have less than a month left to let people know Rachel Runs for Us! Visit

Please join the last Rachel Levy outside, in-person fundraiser of the year at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 7. Sen. Jennifer McClellan and former Delegate Debra Rodman will be with us. This great Ashland fundraiser for Rachel will be hosted by Jim and Lorie Foley and Charol Shakeshaft and Dale Mann at the home of the Foleys. To reserve a spot, please donate at (or bring a check to the event) and email Lorie Foley at to RSVP. Want to donate, but can't attend? Use the link above and thank you!

It's very important that all the members of the HDC vote early and encourage their Democratic friends and family to vote early as well, at the registrar's office or if you would rather, absentee. Early voting in Hanover takes place at the Wickham Building at 7497 County Complex R. from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, through Oct. 29. Also, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 17, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 23 and again on Saturday, Oct. 30. Plus we would like to have an HDC presence at early voting on that Sunday and two Saturdays. If you'd like to work the table that day, please sign up at

Please bring an ID; it's just like voting on Election Day! You can also do ballot drop box at the Wickham Building on the Government Center through 7 p.m. on Nov.

Other key dates:

Voter registration/update ends on Oct. 12 (5 p.m. in office or 11:59 p.m. online)

Request to vote by mail ends at 5 p.m. on Oct. 22

Election Day voting - polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

More info for all of Hanover at

And if you'd like to donate to Rachel, please go to



A Floral Arranging Fundraiser is set for our own Rachel Levy, running in the 55th House of Delegates District. The time is 5:30 p.m. on Sunday Sept 12. A donation includes an outside flower arranging class with the talented HDC member Andrea Ferment, the flowers and vase to take home and great refreshments. It will be in the Ashland area, and the exact address will be sent upon donation. Co-hosted by HDC members Jennifer Chambers and Carolyn Peart. Spaces are limited, so please grab a spot early by clicking on the link below and thank you! Visit

Help with billboards:

Canvass Events Every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday; Virtual Phone Banks and Text Banks every Thursday Night:

Campaign signs: The Levy campaign has signs and hopes that folks will put them up along with their coordinated signs if they have not done so already. Use this Google form to order signs or contact Ashley at Here is the link::

Back to school

School starts in the upcoming week. Please be mindful of traffic changes. Also, consider supporting some of our local groups who are collecting and filling backpacks to ensure that the children in our community have all that they need to succeed. The NAACP, ACEs, local elementary schools, YMCA, and other groups are sponsoring efforts to help ALL families!


The delegate campaigns of Rachel Levy (55th) and Stan Scott (97th) are making huge waves. Please, reach out to these campaigns directly to get involved. There is something to do every day, both in-person and virtual. We are on the verge of tremendous growth in Virginia. Stay vigilant; stay informed; and Stay united. There are many great progressive organizations doing amazing things. 


Tuesday Afternoon Rachel Runs for Us Canvass: Every Tuesday at 4 p.m. from now until Election Day. Sign up at

Saturday Morning Rachel Runs for Us Canvass: Every Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. from now until Election Day. Sign up at

Caroline Canvass - July 24 at 10:30 a.m.: Join DC canvassers as they join members of the 55th to canvass the very important Caroline County. Info at

Thursday Evening Rachel Runs For Us Phone Bank/Text Bank: 6:30 p.m. from now until Election Day. Sign up at


This past week, we witnessed the rebirth of the Freedom Riders, reminding us that our fight is not over. There are still many individuals who are trying to suppress voter rights and quiet those who speak truth to power. Stay tuned for more ways to get involved. 

Support Democratic School Boards

There has been an effort by Republicans in Northern Virginia to intimidate democratically elected school board members. They are using Critical Race Theory, misinformation and whatever tactics that they can to undermine elections across the country. Show your support for Democrats in other counties. Do not allow Virginia to be the springboard for this disruption to our Democracy! For more information:

Get Involved with female leaders across the state

Recently, our House District 55 candidate, Dr. Rachel Levy, participated in the Network NOVA Power Lunch on July 23.and in the 5th Annual Women's Summit at the NOVA session in June. A different group, Family Friendly Economy Virginia, was a guest on the Network NOVA Power Lunch and Rachel was featured in their June storybook

Protect Women’s Rights

The news about Texas is devastating. If laws governing female reproduction pass through the courts, many other rights are soon to be infringed upon. Although rarely enforced, Virginia does have laws making abortion a felony (with certain exemptions). We are being attacked from all sides. Planned Parenthood is working hard on keeping Americans informed by visiting their site.

Put Families First

It seems odd that we are still struggling to pass laws that protect families. Paid Family leave is a major concern for many citizens. You can stay informed at this site:

Provide whatever resources you can to our Candidates

HoD 55 Rachel Levy:
Donate to Rachel:
Canvassing, phone banking and text banking for Rachel:
To join us for canvassing after the HDC meeting on August 14th or any other Saturday at Atlee Library, sign up:
Yard signs for Rachel:

HoD 97 Stan Scott:

Lt. Gov. Hala Ayala:

Attorney General Mark Herring:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe:

Learn about Critical Race Theory

The Hanover NAACP and Together Hanover held a public forum on Critical Race Theory. Check out the NAACP website for a replay of the forum or to learn more. Visit

97th House District Call to Caucus and Candidate Filing Form

Hanover Dems in the 97th District: here are the documents pertaining to the Call to Caucus and Candidate Filing Form. Reach out to Stan Scott at 804-833-8831 or with questions.

Call to Caucus

Candidate Filing Form