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Unhappy with Trump’s destructive agenda? TAKE ACTION NOW!

This new resource from the Hanover Democratic Committee is designed to help citizens take strategic acts that will protect our Democracy.  Watch for weekly action items here on the HDC webpage, in your inbox and on Facebook. 

Action 1:

Speak up for Roe and the 14th Amendment:

Comments that conservative members of the U.S. Supreme Court made during hearings last week on the Mississippi ban on abortions after 15 weeks make clear that the Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, despite its 48 year history of settled law. This ban includes no exceptions for rape or incest. Dozens of other states are prepared to follow Mississippi’s lead if Roe is overturned. This will limit women’s access to healthcare and create hardship for countless women.

This case is about more than abortion, though. Justice Sonya Sotomayor argued that if the Court makes this decision, it will be seen as hopelessly politically partisan and may never recover its legitimacy. Historian Heather Cox Richardson writes (https://www.facebook.com/100044557238708/posts/446804296814808/) if Roe falls so might any right that is protected by the equal rights and due process clauses of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. These clauses have been used to allow the federal government to overrule discriminatory state laws thereby enhancing protections for civil rights, gay rights, interracial marriage, and access to birth control. Denying federal protections for any of these would allow conservative states to resume discrimination we thought was in our past.

Write to the Supreme Court and warn them they risk losing the trust of the American people and will set a dangerous precedent if they overturn Roe. Here is a link to the Court: https://www.supremecourt.gov/contact/contact_pio.aspx

Action 2:

Keep up with the pipeline:

Hanover County sent the following message about the Chickahominy Pipeline:

Chickahominy Pipeline to host virtual open house Dec. 9
Chickahominy Pipeline will host a virtual Open House on Thursday, December 9, at 6:30 p.m. The company will be posting a link to its website on Monday, December 6, but the link won't be "live" until Thursday.

Chickahominy Pipeline is asking citizens to submit questions through this email – info@chickahominypipeline.com – or the website up until Wednesday, December 8, so the company can look for duplicate questions/issues and can address the areas of highest interest first. The full story is here. The County’s page on the proposed Chickahominy Pipeline can be read here.