Take Action Now!

Unhappy with Trump’s destructive agenda? TAKE ACTION NOW!

This new resource from the Hanover Democratic Committee is designed to help citizens take strategic acts that will protect our Democracy.  Watch for weekly action items here on the HDC webpage, in your inbox and on Facebook. 

Action 1:

Combat conspiracy theories:

In his address to the General Assembly, Governor Northam endorsed common sense gun legislation he hopes will pass this year, but as a January 5 article in the Washington Post points out, gun activists are vigorously trying to thwart his efforts.

Part of that campaign has been the spread of conspiracy theories like, “One white supremacist blogger wrote a widely disseminated post claiming that Northam planned to call out the Guard and cut power and Internet service to thwart gun supporters.” This conspiracy theory has been posted on Hanover social media sites and some of the responses have crossed the line from, “I want the right to defend myself” to implicit threats of violence against any who disagree.

It is important that we counter the conspiracy theories when we hear them, just as our Governor tried to do in a recent news conference. Let’s keep the Governor informed (804-786-2211 or https://www.governor.virginia.gov/constituent-services/communicating-with-the-governors-office/) of how serious the misinformation campaign continues here and what the climate is like so he can best craft future responses to counter it.

Click here to read the Washington Post article:
Prospect of gun control in Virginia draws threats, promise of armed protest

Action 2:

Get the facts without political slant:

Wonder if that claim heard in the debate or seen online, or made by the president is true? Politifact.com, a non-profit Pulitzer Prize-winning project, can help. Each week, several statements are rated true, mostly true or “pants on fire” with explanations. You can also find past statements, and have the fact delivered to your inbox. Don’t be shocked to find your favorite candidate has uttered an untruth as the site is non-partisan.


Virginia has its own Politifact program, on VPM News (formerly WCVE 89.3), most Tuesdays at 7:45 AM. There’s a site for Virginia Politifact as well, with last statements.


Action 3:

Don’t forget impeachment:

The House and the Senate are still arguing over the rules for the impeachment trial. Keep the pressure on these Republican Senators to insist that the trial be legitimate and that the Senators and public need to hear from relevant witnesses just as in all previous impeachment trials.

Susan Collins 202-224-2523
Mitt Romney 202-224-5251
Lisa Murkowski 202-224-6665
Lamar Alexander 202-224-4944
Cory Gardner 202-224-5941
Martha McSalley 202-224-2235
Joni Earnst 202-224-3254
Ben Sasse 202-224-4224