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Unhappy with Trump’s destructive agenda? TAKE ACTION NOW!

This new resource from the Hanover Democratic Committee is designed to help citizens take strategic acts that will protect our Democracy.  Watch for weekly action items here on the HDC webpage, in your inbox and on Facebook. 

Action 1:

All aboard; progressing together:

Terry McAulliffe (https://terrymcauliffe.com/), Hala Ayala (https://www.halaforvirginia.com/), and Mark Herring (https://herringforag.com) were the successful candidates for the the statewide offices of governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, respectively in the June 8 Democratic primary. Given how many wonderful candidates were running, it is likely that very few Democrats found all of our first choice candidates winning, but let’s continue to endorse progressive ideals in Virginia by ensuring that every Democrat wins in the fall elections. Our gracious and beloved Jennifer McClellan has led the way encouraging all to support this Democratic ticket. And, she is right! Many progressive ideals have emerged because of the blue tilt in Virginia.

This ticket will protect voting rights, encourage human rights, and support the progress Virginia has made on the environment, healthcare and gun safety. Also, strong support for the statewide ticket helps all the down-ballot candidates. We need to win those local races to hold the the majority in the House of Delegates and the Senate. As we learned last year, when Democrats are in control of the legislature and the Governor’s mansion, Virginia can enact many progressive policies. We are proud of these progressive candidates who are championing the good causes. We need everyone to vote for these Democratic candidates to ensure that we never take a step backward.

Action 2:

Support Rachel:

Please sign up for the fundraiser this Friday for Rachel Levy.

RSVP: https://www.mobilize.us/rachellevyfordelegate/event/392456/ or email info@rachelfordelegate.com.