Can one take a knee against shootings?

by John Schuiteman

My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty — and lots and lots of guns and school shootings. There have been so many that my country is unique in the world. It’s a grand place where a sick and hostile person can easily buy an AR-15 or some other weapon of instant lethality and kill children. It’s a place where soon enough, in yet another place, another sick and hostile person will buy such a weapon and kill more children, or country music fans, or gay dancing people. He’ll do it just because he wants to.

It’s such a wonderful country we have. It doesn’t require every transfer of a lethal weapon (not the kind for hunting or target practice) to involve a background check. Such a check could thwart transferring a deadly weapon to someone who’s had a previous arrest for assault, been involuntarily confined for deranged or harmful behavior, was the subject of a court protective order, or other issues.

God and the National Rifle Association know that these weapons don’t kill people, only people kill people, but this is disputed in places like Parkland, Newtown, Orlando, Blacksburg, Las Vegas, and so on.