Monthly 2 Cents from Vangie Williams.(This month's Two Cents features Vangie Williams, one of three Democrats vying for the Democratic nomination to run for the first Congressional District seat. The April newsletter featured John Suddarth and the June newsletter will feature Edwin Santana. We have three good candidates running for the Democratic nomination...we will be excited to wholeheartedly support the candidate who wins the June 12 primary. Don't forget to vote!)

Ready to Work For the First District

by Vangie Williams

I am from the 1st District. I grew up here, have family roots going back 300 years, and it’s where my husband and I have chosen to raise our daughters. This is my home. My experience and knowledge of the district makes me uniquely positioned to understand the issues that impact our communities. From idling in traffic on I-95 and I-64 to watching families struggle with paying out-of-pocket for medical services, I know that our current representative in Washington is not doing his job. The same problems we’ve faced for years are not getting better. They’re getting worse. At some point we have to say ‘enough is enough.’ I decided now was the time to run for Congress because the hardworking men and women of the 1st District should get a fair shot at success. We need good government that takes care of people, not the bottom line of greed-driven companies. As a strategic planner I solve problems for the government every day. I look for solutions to real problems real people face in the 1st District. My common sense agenda for our future looks like this:

• An economy that works for everyone. We can bring good jobs to the 1st District throughimprovements and new investments in education, transportation and innovation.

• Healthy families with access to world-class healthcare. I support a single-payer healthcaresystem that puts people over profits. I believe healthcare is a right and profit-driven armies oflobbyists are standing in the way of real healthcare reform.

• Investing in our communities and our hometown heroes. My INVEST Initiative will address core issues like education, public safety, military families and veteran dignity while revitalizing communities – big and small – all across our great nation. But in order for us to bring jobs and prosperity back to our district, we have to remove greed and excessive corporate profits from the system.

The influence of money in politics is at the core ofcorruption, government waste and congressional dysfunction. It’s the reason why healthcare has become outrageously expensive and we’re not improving patient outcomes. It’s time to close tax loopholes by having large corporations pay their fair share in taxes and take stepsto undo the harm from Citizens United with legislation such as the DISCLOSE Act (Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting a Light On Spending in Elections). Without such measures, special interests will continue to have a strangle hold on making progress for the average American. Ultimately, we have to remove barriers and bring people together. It’s not “us versus them” when it comes to making sure our children are safe, and ensuring every school has the resources it needs for teachers to prepare the next generation for the future. The issues we face every day are not exclusive toone political party. Taking on an incumbent will be a challenge, but it’s a challenge I readily accept.

I have concrete policy proposals. And more importantly, I know government. I know how rules are made and how they are implemented. My 25 years as a public servant and work with federal contracts has given me the know how to make vision a reality. Programs we rely on a daily basis were managed under my leadership. People in the district are ready for change. I know this because I’m gaining new supporters every weekacross the entire political spectrum. My message of “we the people” resonates with residents who voted for Trump and still want Wittman out of office. Plus, many want to see a woman with a seat at thetable. In 230 years, Virginia has only sent four women to Congress.We need new leadership on Capitol Hill that will represent your interests. As your congresswoman, I’m ready to work for the people of the 1st District.