Rob Wittman,

Time for your retirement!

by Colleen Berry

In an April 9th email sent to his constituents in the 1st Congressional District, Rep. Rob Wittman touted an award he received from the 60 Plus Association. The “Guardian of Seniors’ Rights” Award commends Wittman for “his commitment to protect Social Security and Medicare and to work to cut wasteful government spending.”

The email further describes the 60 Plus Association as a “non-partisan organization representing over 7.2 million seniors.”

However, what our Congressman conveniently omits is that the 60 Plus Association is funded by Charles & David Koch (of Koch Industries) via the Freedom Partners, who consider 60 Plus to be part of their “massive conservative political network.” They have donated millions of dollars to candidates, all rightwing Republicans. They are also members of the “Cooler Heads” organization, a climate change denial group that promotes the repeal of EPA regulations on clean air, offshore drilling, and energy subsidies.

60 Plus was formed as a counter to the AARP, but definitely does not have the best interests of seniors in mind, either through its PAC or its stated goals, which include “seeking alternative solutions developed through the private sector, financed through the free enterprise system.” This is doublespeak for privatization of Social Security and Medicare, which will end both programs as we know them.

These are certainly not “good people” to be receiving an award from. To the contrary, it highlights the hypocrisy of Rob Wittman, telling his constituents that he is working for them to protect Social Security and Medicare while accepting accolades from a group whose openly stated goals include dismantling those very programs. Furthermore, touting how much of an environmentalist he is, while taking awards from groups that are actively working against the clean Chesapeake Bay and action on climate change is simply dishonest.  It seems obvious to us where Rep. Rob Wittman’s allegiances lie — and it’s not with the people of Virginia’s 1st Congressional District.

It is imperative that we all come together as one to support our Democratic nominee for US Congress after June 12th. Our message to Rob Wittman – we will not tolerate a representative who works against the best interests of his constituents and community. Time for your retirement!