Why I’m Ridin’ With Biden

Ethan Lynne, high school sophomore

Courage, that is the word I would use to describe Joe Biden. That cannot be said for most normal politicians, but Joe is not a normal politician. After being elected as the youngest U.S. senator ever at 29, he got sworn in in his son’s hospital room after losing his wife and daughter in a car accident. He served in that capacity for decades, giving him the much-needed government experience that is extremely helpful to become the President. When you’re president, you have to have a lot of allies, both in the country and around the world, and Joe already has that. In 2008, after agreeing to serve as Vice-President on one of the most historic presidential campaigns in history, he fully immersed himself in the political world. He has been a Democrat his whole life, never switching to an independent, unlike Senator Sanders. After seeing his margins on Super Tuesday winning almost every county in most states, and his huge percentage of the African-American electorate, it is clear, the candidate that can win is Joe. We must choose the democrat with courage, and experience over the independent with widely controversial promises.