Postpone the Wegman's Public Hearing

As published in the Local

We are hearing from many residents that they fear they must decide between their health, protecting their homes, and their right to attend and be heard at the upcoming Board of Supervisors’ public hearing for the Wegman’s rezoning application. The Hanover Democratic Committee stands against the suppression of speech and impairment of the right to participate in local government, especially on topics that are important to residents. Since Governor Northam has issued a stay-at-home order until June 10, 2020, it does not seem in line with public safety to hold a public hearing on the Wegmans’ project. There are many residents who deserve the right to attend and have their voices heard. Many residents feel it is important to hear and respond to Wegman’s position at the hearing since its representatives will be present throughout the proceeding. There are no deadlines that require the hearing now and there are no procedures that will allow citizens the ability to attend and fully participate in the hearing process. It seems the prudent thing to do is to postpone the May 6th public hearing on the Wegmans’ project until it is safe for Hanoverians to meet in public.

The Hanover Democratic Executive Committee