By Ashley Hall

Republicans define their opponents with a pinch of truth and a ton of lies to defeat them. But we can combat that.

The GOP playbook: Define, defeat. John Kerry: Truth — he was in the military and received many medals of honor. Republicans started a rumor that he was undeserving of his medals and somehow defined him as a kind of Benedict Arnold. And it worked.

Define, defeat. Hillary Clinton: Truth — she was a First Lady, a secretary of state, a U.S. senator. Republicans started a rumor that she was a underhanded witch that put the country in danger by using a private email server. They created such a fervor that FBI Director James Comey felt he needed to make a show out of “investigating a new set of emails.” And he felt he had to do this, I believe, because the country demanded it, Republicans and Democrats alike.

I remember hearing very, very little defense at the time for John Kerry, and even less for Clinton. And I feel one strong way of showing a united front is by not acknowledging every asinine thing that comes up about our candidates.

Let’s be real here. We are going to have to be prepared to advocate for and defend Biden. He’s going say poetic things and he’s also going to say doofy things. He will, and we can’t freak out about it. As Democrats, if we are looking for every excuse to call out Biden on the internet, in public or even among friends, then we can say hello to a second term of Trump.

Biden is a great candidate and we should say so every day. This is a fight, and we better believe the Republicans are going to say that Joe Biden caused the Challenger to explode and all sorts of other ridiculous nonsense. The news is going to cover it.

But we can’t take the bait. We have to defend him and we have to fight for him, because this is a battle we absolutely cannot lose.

Ashley Hall is director of outreach for HDC