By Don Barth

POSTCARD PEOPLE! Get those pens ready; packets of cards and address labels are ready for you!

Each packet has 30 cards because that's how many addresses are on one sheet.

Needless to say, we are not gathering in one place to write postcards. People can write postcards from their own homes. Porch Pick-up will be available in Mechanicsville, Ashland and Montpelier. Contact Colleen Berry at for pickup locations.

As to stamps, writers are being asked to provide postage, if possible. It is recommended using a first-class stamp ($.55 or Forever) to guarantee delivery. These are larger 5x7 cards, so there is more space to write! If anyone can't write, but wants to donate stamps or vice versa, this will be coordinated.

Our message: There will be a sample paper attached to each packet. You can write for the entire BLUE TICKET (Elect Biden/Harris for President/Vice President, Re-elect Mark Warner for Senator, Elect Qasim Rashid for House of Representative) or any version of them. Write from your heart, what speaks to you about the importance of this election.

We are writing as PRIVATE CITIZENS, not as a part of HDC or any campaign (postcards are labeled with that message).

Keep it POSITIVE! Please mail them yourselves between September 1 and October 15. Remind people about no-reason-needed, IN-PERSON early voting that starts September 18 at the elections offices in Hanover (these are all Hanover addresses right now) or absentee mail-in ballots.