By Caroline Cooke

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is one of our themes — or it should be. As good Democrats, we also want to be good stewards of Mother Earth. 
Campaign signs are a recycling challenge because they’re made from multiple materials. Disposing of them requires taking them apart and disposing of each portion based on its material. The good news is that we have a plan to collect the recyclables.

CAN recycle in Virginia:
Yard sign soft, plastic sleeves
Yard sign metal wire stands (that the sleeves slide onto)
Yard sign metal wire stands (that corrugated sign fits onto)

CAN NOT recycle in Virginia, and should be taken to dumpster:
Sturdy, corrugated plastic signs of any size
Plastic coated cardboard (paper) signs of any size

KEEP to reuse: steel stakes for larger signs

I’m volunteering again this year to collect the soft, plastic sleeves on Sunday, Nov. 8 after Election Day for a Dem friend in a nearby county. Her recycling project, now two years old, has a direct community benefit for the Cartersville Garden Club. And we can help bring the plastic full circle.

What the Cartersville Garden Club does: Any collected recyclable, soft plastic is taken to their intermediary, which then ships it to Trex, which converts it to wood-alternative lumber. For every 500 lbs. of recyclable plastic the product is returned to the club in the form of a bench. The club selects the location. Four benches have been placed thus far. Let’s help the plastic come full circle!

We have a plan to collect recyclables on Nov. 8. I’ve reached out to each District Chair for their help in asking the precinct captains (or other volunteers) to collect the yard signs from each precinct. Please separate the pieces, putting plastics in a larger trash bag for ease of handling and zip-tying the wires for ease of handling. As we go to press, several collection points are finalized, some await coordination. I’ll start the morning in South Anna.

If you got a yard sign individually, please help to recycle by getting the plastic sleeve and wire to either your District Chair (or the volunteer for precinct signs) or me, before Nov. 8. We’ll work it out. I can be reached best at If you’re headed to Ashland for something, our Chair Dan McGraw will accept these small signs at his side porch, 100 Dewey St., Ashland. If all else fails, please take it to your usual soft plastics and metal recycling points.

Many thanks!