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Action 3:

Stay sane:

Three years of Trump and his cronies are exhausting and demoralizing. Despite all the great advocacy from TAN readers, Trump is still president and may survive a sham impeachment trial in the Senate. Here are tips for staying sane in these difficult political times:

How to stay sane if Trump is driving you insane: Advice from a therapist.

Action 2:

Keep calling:

Let’s continue to pressure RepublicanSenators to hold a fair impeachment trial in the Senate. They need to hear the new evidence that has come to the House and they need to call relevant witnesses.

Susan Collins 202-224-2523
Mitt Romney 202-224-5251
Lisa Murkowski 202-224-6665
Lamar Alexander      202-224-4944
Cory Gardner 202-224-5941
Martha McSalley 202-224-2235
Joni Earnst 202-224-3254
Ben Sasse 202-224-4224


Action 1:

Support common sense gun safety:

Seventy per cent of Virginia voters support stronger gun safety measures and the General Assembly is moving quickly to strengthen Virginia’s laws. Here is an update on the status of various gun safety proposals in the state legislature:

Va. Senate committee strikes 'assault weapons' bill, advances other proposed gun laws

It is no surprise, though, that there is a backlash against these proposals, requiring Governor Northam to declare a state of emergency before an estimated 30,000 show up to protest on Monday. The governor says he is responding to threats on the “dark web”.

As The New York Times reported in this chilling article on Friday, the FBI arrested three white supremicists whom they believe were headed to Richmond with malign intent. According to the Times, “Various extremist organizations or their adherents are calling Monday’s rally the “boogaloo.” In the lexicon of white supremacists, that is an event that will accelerate the race war they have anticipated for decades.” According to the Times this event is attracting some of the same white supremicist, neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic groups who came to Charlottesville in 2017, which indicates that the event is about much more than the modest gun safety proposals.

Virginia Capital on Edge as F.B.I. Arrests Suspected Neo-Nazis Before Gun Rally

Contact your Senator and Delegate to say you support the Governor’s common sense proposals and his steps to keep Virginians safe on Monday:

Ryan McDougle 804-698-7504 district4@senate.virginia.gov
Jennifer McClellan 804-698-7509 district9@senate.virginia.gov
Siobhan Dunnavant      804-698-7512      district12@senate.gov
Scott Wyatt 804-698-1097 delswyatt@house.virginia.gov
Buddy Fowler 804-698-1055 delbfowler@house.virginia.gov