Thank You Breakfast

Please join us on November 10 at 10 a.m. at Ashland Coffee & Tea for muffins, fruit, juice, and coffee. It's our treat to thank volunteers who have worked hard to get Democratic candidates elected. We have moved the breakfast to our usual meeting place, Ashland Coffee & Tea, to seat more people than we were able to seat at Ashcreek.  At the Nov. 10 meeting, greet Vangie Williams, our exciting candidate and we hope our next Congresswoman from the First District. Also, meet some of the candidates who are running in 2019. We thank all of you who have canvassed, phone banked, written postcards worked the polls, donated money, attended events, and supported Democratic candidates in any way. 


HANOVER COUNTY, Richmond, and Ashland

Below are the upcoming events for volunteering for the coordinated campaigns of Senator Kaine and Vangie Williams.  The address for the IBEW is 1400 East Nine Mile Road, Highland Springs  23075.  The address for Toni's is 309 Hillsway Drive, Ashland 23005.  The Richmond office is 107 South 1st Street, Richmond 23219.

Below is Delegate Fowler's letter to his constituents about the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Dear XXX,

                Thank you for contacting me about the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).  According to the Archivist of the United States, the ERA is not currently pending before the states but is categorized as a failed amendment.  The General Assembly does not have the power to ratify an amendment to the Constitution of the United States not currently pending before the states.
                Congress submitted the ERA to the states in 1972 with a seven-year deadline for ratification.  The amendment appeared to be moving quickly towards adoption with 35 states ratifying it when concerns were raised about potential unintended consequences, including the loss of religious liberties and its impact on public facilities.
                Once those concerns were raised not only did no new states ratify the amendment, but 5 states rescinded their previous ratification.  As the original 1979 deadline approached, Congress extended the deadline to 1982.  When the second deadline passed, Congress declined to extend it again, effectively withdrawing the amendment from consideration. This fact was generally recognized by both proponents and opponents of the amendment at the time, as efforts to get additional states to ratify it ceased for more than a decade. Not only that but in 1983 proponents introduced a new ERA in Congress because the original amendment was no longer valid.

Hanover Black Caucus: Don’t Resign, Gov. Northam.

Sandra Howard

Hanover Committee Members Give Standing Ovation

More than 140 members of the Hanover Democratic Committee (HDC) gave a standing ovation following the reading of a statement by the Committee’s Black Caucus backing Gov. Ralph Northam. The statement was read by Sandra Howard, chair of the HDC’s Black Caucus at the Committee’s monthly meeting on Saturday, Feb. 9.

Statement by Black Caucus of the Hanover Democratic Committee:

Coffee is brewing!

Sunday, february 25, 2018

Coffee Meeting

Our February Coffee will be held on Sunday, February 25 at 2 p.m. at the home of Morgan Goodman in King's Charter,  9468 Manorwoods Drive, Mechanicsville 23116.

Special guests at this Coffee will be Edwin Santana and Ryan Sawyers, who are vying to represent us in our Congressional First District race this fall.So please join us as we gather in a relaxing setting with other like-minded women and hear from these candidates who are seeking to replace our current Republican Congressman.

As ever, we'll have time to enjoy catching up with old friends and making new ones.

For those who don't know, we are a growing group of Democratic women of all ages who meet monthly, sometimes in the day and sometimes in the evening, at the homes of volunteer hostesses at different locations around the county. Our goal is to enable as many women as possible to get to know one another so that we may better work together.  We have no formal memberships or dues.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Diane Neergaard at,or 804-299-2399.

Men's Forum

Newsletter Header

The first monthly gathering in 2018 of the Hanover Democratic Men's Forum will be held on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24 at 7 p.m. at the King's Charter Clubhouse, 9407 King's Charter Drive, Mechanicsville 23116.  These Democratic Men's Forums provide an opportunity for Hanover Democratic men to meet, socialize, talk politics and hear interesting speakers.  Hors d'oevres will be served.

This monthly meeting will be the opening of the 2018 election year and will be a question and answer panel discussion among our 5 Democratic candidates for the First Congressional District.  The moderator will be a secret guest.  Of course, the candidates are well known: Tom Hicks / Hanover County; Edwin Santana / Stafford; Ryan Sawyers / Gainesville; John Suddarth / Hanover County; Vangie Williams / Dahlgren. We have had a little breather from local politics.  Now, it is time to put our energies into selecting the best Democratic candidate to defeat Republican Rob Wittman. 

There will be a primary election on June 12 to select our Democratic candidate.  This will be a good chance to get to know more about our five candidates.  This is the beginning of our chance to catch and ride the new years "blue wave" breaking in Virginia.The purpose of the monthly Men's Forum is to socialize, educate and elect Democrats. 

It is a great opportunity to get to know like-minded Democratic men in a way that you just cannot do in other venues in this predominantly Republican county.  This is another great opportunity to talk with the candidates individually.  It also gives those who can't attend the Saturday morning meetings a chance to get involved.  So please join us on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24 at 7 p.m.  Don't miss this opportunity to socialize and mobilize.

RSVP to Nelson Vaughan at or call the cell phone and text messages 201.826.7093; home 804.496.6217.

Five House Candidates Vie for Democratic Congressional Nomination

We are pleased to announce five excellent candidates for congressional nomination.  These candidates are looking for the bid, but all pledge to support the properly elected candidate.  2017 has turned out to be a good year.  Let's make 2018 even better.

Goodman’s Campaign Kickoff

Morgan Goodman, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Buddy Fowler for the 55th District House of Delegates seat representing Hanover, Spotsylvania, and Caroline will kick off her campaign on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 6 p.m. at Ashland Coffee & Tea. Please attend. With our grassroots support, Morgan stands a good chance this year!

How Much The Cost Of A Tower?

by Toni Radler

So Trump wants to put a Trump Tower in Russia. But at what cost? The cost of our democracy. 

Trump has done everything to destroy American's leadership in the world...he's done everything to weaken our strength at home...everything to make Vladimir Putin and Russia stronger at our expense. 

First Step: strengthen divisions at home...check. Trump has done that by focusing on immigration on the southern border. His actions there are as much a racial slur as a complaint against immigration. It's just as racially tinged as if he were using the n-word. His Trump style of hate speech has increased divisions in the US; the Southern Poverty Law Center has noted the drastic uptick in hate crimes in the last two years.

Second Step: weaken our leadership worldwide both economically, militarily and in terms of influence.  Check. Trump's done that every chance he's gotten. He got us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that would have strengthened our trade position over China. He's criticized NATO and advocated that the US  leave NATO, an alliance which has kept us out of WWIII for 70 years. He's given Syria to Russia, letting everyone know we can't be counted on, not even to defend the Kurds, who have helped us fight ISIS. He's insulted our longtime friends and allies--Germany, England, France, Canada--and he's cuddled up to our longtime enemies and dictatorships.

Third Step: discredit institutions that are as American as apple pie, institutions we have trusted and believed in, institutions that make us strong. He makes every attempt to tear down the FBI, the judicial system, and the Department of Justice. He has tried to discredit these institutions and shake the faith of the American public. 

Fourth Step: discredit the legitimate news media, create the illusion of "Fake News" by lambasting our top media and reporters. 

Fifth Step: let's see, what would Vladimir Putin like most....oh see the American government shut down. Make air travel unsafe and unworkable. Stop food inspections, prevent farmers and businesses from doing business, bring general chaos to the US. Check again... Trump did that. 

Every day brings another gift to Putin...

But wait! Neither Trump nor Putin counted on the Democrats taking back the house, under the strong leadership of Nancy Pelosi. Checkmate!   
Now we're seeing how a democratic government should work. Let's hope Putin's extended birthday party, with a gift-a-day, has come to a close. Let's hope that once again, the US is governed by three co-equal branches of government and that Trump's "anything you want, Vlad" is over. 

How much is a tower worth, Mr. President? Your soul, maybe. But not our US Democracy!

Men's Forum

The monthly gathering of the Hanover Democratic Men's Forum will be held on Wednesday, February 28, 7 p.m., at the home of Nelson Vaughan,209 College Avenue, in the heart of Ashland's college district.  These Democratic Men's forums provide an opportunity for Hanover Democratic men to meet, socialize, talk politics and hear interesting speakers.  Heavy hors d'oevres will be served.

This month's program on Political Education is still in the process of final set up but judging from previous forums this program will be awesome.The Men's Forum is a great way to socialize, get to know like-minded Democratic men in a way that you just can't do in other venues in this predominantly Republican county.  It also gives those who can't attend the monthly Saturday morning meetings a chance to get involved.  So please join us on Wednesday, February 28 at 7 p.m.  Don't miss this opportunity to socialize and mobilize.  

Feel free to invite your Democratic friends.RSVP to Nelson Vaughan at or call:  cell phone and text messages 201-826-7093; home 804-496-6217.

Coffee is brewing!

Tuesday, March 20, at 7 pm

Coffee Meeting

     All Democratic Women are Welcome! 

Our March Coffee Caucus will be held on the evening of Tuesday, March 20, at 7 pm at the home of June Bohrer. June lives at 9396 Blakeridge Avenue, Mechanicsville, 23116
Come for great fellowship and spirited conversation with a wealth of like minded women on this first night of Spring, 2018. There's much to talk about and take action on as we work to advance our Democratic ideals.
For those who don't know, we are a growing group of Democratic women of all ages who meet monthly, sometimes in the day and sometimes in the evening, at the homes of volunteer hostesses at different locations around the county. Our goal is to enable as many women as possible to get to know one another so that we may better work together. We have no formal memberships or dues.
For more information or to RSVP, please contact Diane Neergaard at,or 804-299-2399.


Registration Closed

We are sorry to say, seating for the Pancake Breakfast is now completely filled. If you would like to come to the door and see if some did not show up, you  may do that. We will be releasing those seats at 9:20. There has just been an overwhelming demand this year. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

It is big, really big.

Let’s be #38!


June Bohrer

When the Virginia General Assembly convenes in January, we will celebrate the 400th anniversary of legislative deliberations in Virginia.  Pretty impressive. However, we need not be too self-congratulatory as there is much work to be done. Education, health care, criminal justice reform, energy, and the environment all are major issues.

In this important anniversary year, Virginia has another opportunity to make history.  Let’s be #38. Let’s be the final state necessary to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The amendment simply states “Equality of rights shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on the account of sex”.  It will provide a permanent, uniform, national standard for eliminating sex discrimination at all levels of government. Note it does not refer to the female gender in any way. This is about equality, not special treatment for women.  

Why is it necessary?  Antonin Scalia said it best.  “Certainly the Constitution does not require discrimination on the basis of sex. The only issue is whether it prohibits it. It doesn’t.  Nobody ever thought that’s what it meant.” Ruth Bader Ginsberg spent most of her career trying to get the Supreme Court to see gender in the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment but was never successful on that point.

The votes for passage are there in both the Senate and the House; the sticky wicket is the leadership in each chamber. Speaker of the House Kirk Cox, ( is key.  He can put HJ 579 directly on the floor without assigning it to Committee. Please urge him to do this. In January of 2018, the legislation failed to be reported out of the House Privileges and Elections Committee on which Buddy Fowler ( sits and the Senate Rules Committee of which Ryan McDougle ( is the chair. Please let them know that we are watching and that we care about this vote.  

You can also help by going to and signing the petition urging ratification. The organization it working toward 20,000 signatures statewide and 200 from each house district by January 9, 2019.  The website is loaded with great information and political strategies. Follow on Facebook for events and track HJ 579 on