Thank You Breakfast

Please join us on November 10 at 10 a.m. at Ashland Coffee & Tea for muffins, fruit, juice, and coffee. It's our treat to thank volunteers who have worked hard to get Democratic candidates elected. We have moved the breakfast to our usual meeting place, Ashland Coffee & Tea, to seat more people than we were able to seat at Ashcreek.  At the Nov. 10 meeting, greet Vangie Williams, our exciting candidate and we hope our next Congresswoman from the First District. Also, meet some of the candidates who are running in 2019. We thank all of you who have canvassed, phone banked, written postcards worked the polls, donated money, attended events, and supported Democratic candidates in any way. 

Take Action Now HVADems

Fascinating Look At 2017 General Assembly; State Senator & Conservation Leader Spoke on March 11 to the Hanover Democratic Committee.

State Senator Jennifer McClellan and the Executive Director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, Michael Town, were the guest speakers at the last meeting of the Hanover Democratic Committee on March 11.

Sen. McClellan's first stent as a senator was stellar; she was on the forefront of fighting off bills infringing on free speech and voting rights. Here is the link to the 2017 session highlights that Sen. Jennifer McClellan distributed at the meeting.

Town, who has been active in Virginia's environmental community for 22 years, discussed the 2017 General Assembly session's impact on energy, water quality and land conservation. Among Virginia LCV’s biggest legislative fights this year was the organization’s successful opposition to bills that would have allowed oil and gas drillers to keep secret the chemical cocktail they use during fracking operations. Virginia LCV was also instrumental in working to pass coal ash legislation that holds Dominion Power accountable by requiring full, site-by-site assessments of their coal ash facilities, and revealing any ongoing pollution or contamination issues, which in turn will help guide the long-term closure process.

Blue Moon Bash Speaker Tells All

Representative Donald McEachin, our keynote speaker at the eighth annual Blue Moon Bash on Wednesday, April 19 a at 6:30 p.m. at the Hanover Arts & Activities Center, will highlight his experience during the first 100 days of the Trump administration. Newly elected to Congress after a court-ordered redistricting to correct gerrymandering , Rep. McEachin has been an eyewitness to perhaps the most unique presidency in American history. He has experienced firsthand the Trump administration’s tumultuous interaction with Congress. He’s witnessed it all--the Congressional investigation of Russian involvement in our elections, the failure of the Republican Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with Trumpcare, and the Courts’ rejection of the President’s flawed immigration ban. Don't miss this exciting tell all.

Virginia State Sen. Jennifer McClellan will serve as master of ceremonies. It is anticipated that Hanover Democratic candidates seeking state office will also address the Blue Moon Bash. This year’s event will feature a buffet, a gospel solo by Dr. Alphine Jefferson and classical guitar by Mark Brumitt.

Thank you for your support of the Blue Moon Bash. This signature event enables the Hanover Democratic Committee to support local, state and national Democratic candidates.

Our Signs...Your Words...Our Message to Washington

At last, we Democrats have something to say on big signs throughout the county. And, these are your words, written on post cards that were mailed to the White House and to Congressman Wittman's office. Most focus on the Affordable Care on the EPA.


Hanover Democratic Committee

For Release: October 8, 2016

Sixty Six members of the Hanover Democratic Committee have demanded to know if Republican Congressman Rob Wittman will continue to endorse Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump after the release of an Access Hollywood video showing Trump making disparaging, lewd and vulgar comments toward women. “For the past several months, you have continued to wholeheartedly support Trump even after his repeated statements disparaging minorities, immigrants and women. Now, we demand to know if you will continue to champion him after a video clearly shows candidate Trump objectifying women and espousing aggressive sexual behavior toward women,” the letter states.

HDC Petitions Congress to Fund Zika Prevention


Forty four members of the Hanover Democrtic Committee have signed a letter asking Republican Congressman Rob Wittman to vote for "no fly, no buy" that those on the No Fly List are prevented from buying guns. Further, the letter asks that Congress ban AR-15 style weapons.

"Yes, we believe in the Second Amendment and that law abiding citizens should be allowed to buy and carry guns," the letter states. "But the AF-15 and weapons like it are meant for use in war, not for citizens. And while we believe in the second amendment, we also believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that Americans have the right to go to church without the fear of being gunned down; that we have the right to send out children to school without the fear of them being killed in their kindergarten classrooms; the right to go to the grocery store or a nightclub without fear of being gunned down; and that our police have the right to do their jobs without fear of being gunned down by an AR-15 style weapon in the hands of a sniper. By not at least voting No Fly, No Buy, you and other Congressmen are proving to be soft on terrorism both foreign and homegrown. You are foregoing basic common sense to kowtow to the NRA. We want to take out country back from the NRA. We are asking you to represent the people, not the gun lobby." Click below to sign the letter to Congressman Wittman online.

Surviving Donald Trump; Survival begins at home.

Frowert and Shearouse

Will our Progressive Democratic agenda survive the Trump years? We continue to develop our Blueprint Forward. Two guest speakers lead this discussion. Nancy Frowert, a founder and treasurer of Activate Virginia discussed the Democratic Party's progressive agenda and how we can fight to protect the gains we've made in the last eight years. Frowert was a Sanders delegate to the National Convention and worked to get more progressive provisions in the national platform. Susan Shearouse, one of the founders and chair off Circles Ashland (includes all of Hanover) talked about how we can help some of those who will be most affected in our own community. Shearouse is working with low income Hanover residents to help them achieve financial and educational steps to achieve a sustainable and secure future.

Congressman Wittman, Fund Zika Protection Now!

(Update: Since the petition originated, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported that Republicans added a number of "poison pill" measures to the original $1.1 billion Zika Funding Act approved in the Senate. Those poison pills included cuts to the Affordable Care Act and Ebola research, cutting Planned Parenthood Funding, allowing Confederate Flags to fly at federal cemeteries, easing pesticide regulations, among others designed to make the bill fail. Again, we demand that Congress stop playing politics with Zika funding, that Republicans join Democrats in approving the original $1.1 billion funding request approved by the Senate without the poison pills. Please continue to sign the petition online to let Congressman Wittman know that we are watching and anxiously awaiting adequate Zika funding.)

Members of the Hanover Democratic Committee have petitioned First District Congressman Rob Wittman to vote for full funding to prevent and protect Virginia from the Zika Virus.

Virginia along with other Southern states, is in the bull’s eye for the Zika Virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). And according to the CDC, Memorial Day marked the official opening of mosquito season in the Southern states that are likely to be invaded by Zika-carrying mosquitos. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden has begged Congress for full funding of $1.9 billion to fight Zika…but the House balked at the request and was willing to provide less than a third of what Frieden asked.

“You and your colleagues left Washington to go on a 10-day Memorial Day recess without approving full funding to fight Zika. We believe this 10-day vacation was reckless and outrageous in the face of the Zika threat. Now that you and your colleagues are back in Washington, we ask that you support full funding to stop Zika in Virginia and protect the other Southern states,” the petition reads. It noted that the Richmond Times Dispatch says there are already 25 confirmed cases in Virginia and that the number is growing weekly.

“We demand Congress stop playing politics with our lives. We are most concerned about the babies who might be infected with Zika in utero and born with microcephaly; we are also concerned about unknown impacts Zika can have on adults.”

Thirty seven Committee members signed the petition at their meeting on June 11. More are submitting on line petitions to the Congressman. Hanover was recently put into the First District after a three-judge rearranged Virginia’s Congressional Districts to overcome the impact of gerrymandering in Virginia’s third district.

Restoration of Voter Rights: Virginia Was Behind the Times

Kelly Thomasson, the newly appointed Secretary of the Commonwealth, told Hanover Democrats meeting that Virginia has been behind the times in restoring voter rights to felons who have served their sentences, and that in fact, 40 other states automatically restore voter rights to felons once they leave prison. Thomasson was the guest speaker at the June meeting of the Hanover Democratic Committee.

College Scholarship: And the winners are....

hvadems scholarship winners

The Hanover Democratic Committee has awarded its 2016 Melissa Dopp/Bobby Ostergren Memorial Scholarship to two Patrick Henry High School graduates who have distinguished themselves through their involvement in Democratic campaigns or have promoted Democratic efforts. The recipients of the $500 scholarships are Paul Franklin and Josie Riederer, both of Ashland. Franklin worked on the Northam for Lt. Governor campaign and is interning in Office of Restoration of Voter Rights. He will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall. Riederer interned with the Toni Radler House of Delegates campaign and worked to help register young voters at the Winter Jamboree, sponsored by the Hanover Democratic Committee's Black Caucus. Riederer will be attending New York University with her first year of study in Paris.