Thank You Breakfast

Please join us on November 10 at 10 a.m. at Ashland Coffee & Tea for muffins, fruit, juice, and coffee. It's our treat to thank volunteers who have worked hard to get Democratic candidates elected. We have moved the breakfast to our usual meeting place, Ashland Coffee & Tea, to seat more people than we were able to seat at Ashcreek.  At the Nov. 10 meeting, greet Vangie Williams, our exciting candidate and we hope our next Congresswoman from the First District. Also, meet some of the candidates who are running in 2019. We thank all of you who have canvassed, phone banked, written postcards worked the polls, donated money, attended events, and supported Democratic candidates in any way. 

Meet Morgan Goodman, our candidate for the 55th District, House of Delegates.

morgan goodman 2017Morgan Goodman is a life-long resident of Virginia currently living in the Kings Charter neighborhood with her husband and two children.

Morgan and her family moved to Hanover County from Northern Virginia because they wanted to live in an area away from the hustle and bustle of never ending traffic and a find a community that they could raise their children in. In their free time the Goodman family loves to explore state and local parks, farmers markets, and small businesses that make this area so unique.

Morgan has dedicated her career to protecting the environment through common sense strategies that provide a win-win for business and the environment. She has a Masters Degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Policy and currently works as an Environmental Specialist with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality in Richmond. Prior to working for DEQ, Morgan worked with the federal government for 7 years on environmental programs for Customs and Border Protection and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

This is Morgan’s first time running for office and she is ready for the challenge. Morgan was inspired to run because she saw politicians at the federal and the state levels failing their constituents by refusing to find common ground. She believes we need representatives that seek out information from all constituents to find solutions to the many problems that we face locally and nationally. Morgan is hoping to implement this listen-first approach with Virginia’s 55th House District.

Morgan believes that quality public education is the number one tool in the fight against social and economic inequality. She believes that gerrymandering needs to be addressed so that voters can pick their representatives and not the other way around. She believes that no parent should have to choose between taking their child to the doctor or buying groceries, and that healthcare is a right for all and not just a privilege of the wealthy. She believes that medical decisions should be made between an individual and their doctor instead of a room full of politicians. Morgan also believes that clean air and clean water are basic human rights that need to be protected. If elected in November, Morgan will work tirelessly towards these and other common sense policies in the House of Delegates.

Donate now or follow her campaign at


By Toni Radler

There is just one word to describe our post election Pancake Breakfast and that word is JOYOUS! It was like a great family reunion of all those who worked so hard for the many victories of the 2017 election. We were thrilled as Ralph Northam took the Governor's Mansion, thrilled when Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring swept the election for Lt. Governor and Attorney General. But then, the unpredictable, the unbelievable happened. Race after race came in as a win for us, not once, not twice, but an incredible fifteen times. For me personally, the cherry on top was the defeat of the political ogre, Bob Marshall. Blessed irony, he was beaten by one of those he claims to hate and consistently works against...a transgender woman. How sweet it is!

Unfortunately, our two good House of Delegates candidates were not in this victorious Democratic sweep. But to the Pancake Breakfast crowd's delight,  both have pledged to run again in two years. The Pancake Breakfast crowd was thrilled to meet five candidates for the Democratic nomination to run for Congress from our First Congressional District, including two of our own from the Hanover Democratic Committee--John Suddarth and Tom Hicks. Frankly, we usually have to beat the bushes within a leaf of their lives to find even one candidate. But this year, we have five really good candidates running for the Democratic nomination.

So the campaign season ends; the campaign season begins. Let's start from today to predict a win in 2018, to believe that with our hard work, we will have a win for Congress in 2018. We've got great candidates. And we've got a great team of workers--that's you. And we are ready to go again!

Here we go again!  Congress is pretending to provide health coverage in its latest AHCA bill

Calling Wittman Out for His Vote on Healthcare:

Rushing to have something in President Trump's win column, many congressmen like First District Representative Rob Wittman fell in line and voted for a bill that will not protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. Hundreds of Hanover residents wrote and called Wittman's office and begged him to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. He didn't!

The new bill, the American Health Care Act (their version of the Affordable Care Act) will eliminate health coverage for 24 million Americans and is slashed by more than $800 billion dollars. Republicans are trying to pull the wool over our eyes by saying it will result in better healthcare. A fifth grader could figure this one out...sorry, we don't mean to insult the intelligence of first, second, third and fourth graders.  Anyone can figure out that with fewer people covered and less money available, Americans will not receive the same coverage. Please look for our signs throughtout Hanover.


Vote on November 7

By Stan Scott

Now that we’re well into the age of Trumpism, elections take on more importance.  This isn’t because electing Democrats sends a message to President* Trump or Congress – it’s a simple matter of arresting a dangerous trend in American politics and policy.  Simply put, the forces of extremism have taken over the Republican Party. If we don’t elect Democrats to public office, “conservatives” like Ed Gillespie will turn Virginia into another example of how their policies create division, destroy communities, and damage the economy.

I could ramble on about how every vote counts, and cite examples of very close elections where only a handful of votes made the difference.  Fewer than a hundred thousand votes spread across four states put Trump in office, for example.  Right here in Virginia we all remember how close Ed Gillespie came to unseating Mark Warner to become a Senator – and that Mark Herring defeated Mark Obenshain by a mere 155 votes.  But anyone reading this already knows these stories.

Instead I’ll point out that Democrats simply must to get to the polls on Tuesday to make sure Mr. Gillespie does not become our Governor, and to elect Democrats to the General Assembly in order to stop this extremist Republican agenda.  Gillespie is a good lobbyist for corporations like Enron, and we need to send him back to that life while giving him some former GOP Delegates and Senators to take with him to K Street.  If he, Adams, and Vogel win, and hold a Republican General Assembly, we can expect them to move Virginia far to the right of where it’s people want to be. 

They’ll destroy the Virginia economy by cutting taxes on the wealthy, for example, just as Brownback and the GOP did in Kansas.  They’ll continue disrespecting women and their agency by making it more difficult for them to control their own bodies.  Gillespie et al would divide Virginians further by protecting monuments – erected more to intimidate minorities than celebrate heritage - to the men who committed treason in defense of slavery. They would make our streets less safe by helping terrorists, abusive spouses, and the mentally unstable purchase firearms more easily and carry them in grocery stores.  They would take away the health insurance that many or our neighbors have today only because Democrats changed the rules, and they would continue to reject billions in Federal money for Medicaid.  And they would further gerrymander and suppress voting to keep themselves in power.

Make no mistake: Trumpism isn’t about draining the swamp or challenging elites.  Trump himself is a New York billionaire who happily appointed Goldman Sachs executives to positions of power, and a Republican Party that nominates former lobbyists like Ed Gillespie to run for Governor is no kind of populist party. It’s about achieving every extreme fiscal, religious, and white supremacist goal the GOP has salivated to make real since Nixon won in 1968. 

In 2009, more than 26,000 people in Hanover County voted Democratic in a losing effort to elect Creigh Deeds Governor.  By 2013, this turnout among Democrats in the County fell to less than 11,000 as Terry McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli by fewer than 60,000 votes.  This year Hanover County Democrats can make a statement by giving Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, and Justin Fairfax more than 30,000 votes.  We have many more than that in the County.  Let’s all show up and let Donald Trump and his sidekick Ed Gillespie know how we feel.

Please vote on November 7th.  And take a friend – or ten – along when you go to the polls.


Democrats place signs around Hanover in support of Affordable Care Act

- From WWBT Article Posted Here

By Allison Norlian


The Hanover County Democratic Committee placed 16 signs around Hanover in support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Members of the committee and other Hanover residents originally sent postcards to U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman and President Donald Trump, voicing their concerns about the ACA repeal and issuing their support to the bill, also known as "Obamacare." 

There were also letters written about other issues, such as climate change. Realizing the impact these personal stories had, the Democratic Committee decided to take some of the stories, blow them up onto lawn signs, and place them around the county.

The signs are personal testimonies about how the ACA helped Hanover families since its inception. Deb Jacobs, a Hanover resident, used the ACA to get the insurance company to pay for a clinical trial when her daughter was fighting Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

She says without the ACA, her daughter wouldn’t have received treatment because her insurance company denied them.

"I wrote that Congress should repeal their own healthcare before they take healthcare from a cancer kid," Jacobs said. "One of the things Obama did was force insurance companies to cover cancer kids."

The day to day of a high school democrat

By Maddie Lee
Hanover County High School Student

Every day I go to school and I am amazed by the number of people who vote and lobby against their own interests.  First, a bit of background information.  My school is redder than the necks of the Hanover County Tea Partiers.  My peers are so Republican that the day after Donald - “I’m a great business man even though I’ve filed for bankruptcy six times” - Trump got elected, I was greeted by giant American flags, Trump/Bush shirts, and overly patriotic shorts.  So, on top of my disillusionment with my country that it could make such a huge mistake, I was appalled that my friends could be brainwashed by the insane extremist Republican rhetoric.

Latest ACA Repeal Plan Would Explode Premiums for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

By Sam Berger and Emily Gee
Posted on 
Invisible Risk Pool

Provided by the Center for American Progress- Full Story

A recent gathering of Democrats in Hanover attracted a record crowd for an annual event. Hanover remains the most Republican jurisdiction among central Virginia’s populous entities, yet county Democrats no longer wear brown paper bags over their heads. They fly the colors instead. Details

Gettin' some butts in the seats

by Ashley R. Hall 

Remember Sister Act? A great movie that stands the test of time. A group of nuns have a choir, which fulfills its intention of singing about God, but has some honkin' big problems. They're boring and they don't sing cohesively as a group, which makes everyone think they can't sing. One is too loud, one is too soft and the others are facing the wrong way. Are they doing what they set out to do? Yes technically, but without anyone to watch them, they're pretty useless.  

Enter Whoopi Goldberg, who just makes a few small tweaks and throws in some glitter to completely transform them. And I think how she does it applies directly to how the Democrats can and will kick a** once again.  

Don’t be Fooled By a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

by Daniel McGraw*

Recently, I had the distinct privilege of being accepted, through a lottery, to attend a town hall forum with Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for governor.  I spent several hours formulating my question: revising and rewriting, even had a few edits.  I wanted to ask Gillespie for his plan to institute raises for teachers, so that their pay could meet the national average.  The Democratic governor worked with the Republican-led General Assembly to do this for the state police last year.  Since teachers have not seen a true raise in over a decade, it seemed like a fair question.


Reflections on the 2016 Election From Your Local Psychologist

by Therese May*

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” H.L. Mencken, 1926

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” The Bible

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“May you live in interesting times.” Chinese proverb

The current election cycle has been taken over by an orange fungus. Where did he come from?

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by insatiable needs for status and admiration, and an inflated sense of importance with underlying deep insecurity, a lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, arrogance and interpersonal exploitiveness. Just what we need in a Commander in Chief.

A touch of narcissism is not necessarily a bad thing - in small doses it results in charisma and charm. Many of our finest actors, preachers and politicians have narcissistic traits. But Trump is an example of toxic narcissism run amok. These people leave a trail of bodies behind them. One of the surest signs of mental health is the ability to laugh at oneself. Trump is incapable of this.

Many speculate that what triggered his current run at the presidency was the narcissistic injury caused by Barack Obama’s jokes at Trump’s expense at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011 - check it out - it was hilarious. Personally, I think he’s running because he was bored.

There is a wide consensus that the rise of Trump has been caused by the decades-long failure of both parties to work for the middle class and the outright purchase of our lawmakers by dark money. I would add another factor. Every fungus has to have a friendly environment in which to grow and flourish.  The American culture of narcissism is Trump’s petri dish.

Our millennial generation has been called the trophy generation. Trophy companies exploded in the 1990’s to award perfect attendance, almost perfect attendance, and you-name-it.  The self-esteem movement in education deemphasized performance, and rampant grade inflation occurred. Parents used to confront their children about poor grades; now they confront the teacher, the college professor, or (I’m not kidding) the employer. Consider that, in a study out of the Brookings Institute, out of eight advanced countries, American children score lowest in math skills and highest in confidence in math skills. Genuine self-esteem, the antidote to narcissism, is based on genuine achievement, and kindness and service to others. These are time-honored Democratic values.

Here’s what I figure we can expect:

Scenario 1. President Trump. Apocalyse. World War III. But here’s the upside: American political addiction to money hits bottom and our democracy begins a long painful process toward recovery.

Scenario 2. Clinton blows Trump away, Democrats gain seats in the house and senate, and our democracy begins a long painful process toward recovery.

Scenario 3. Anything can happen.

The next few months will be a roller coaster ride between hilarity and horror. Strap in.

*The opinions expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily the views of the Hanover Democratic Committee.

Take Action Now HVADems

Fascinating Look At 2017 General Assembly; State Senator & Conservation Leader Spoke on March 11 to the Hanover Democratic Committee.

State Senator Jennifer McClellan and the Executive Director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, Michael Town, were the guest speakers at the last meeting of the Hanover Democratic Committee on March 11.

Sen. McClellan's first stent as a senator was stellar; she was on the forefront of fighting off bills infringing on free speech and voting rights. Here is the link to the 2017 session highlights that Sen. Jennifer McClellan distributed at the meeting.

Town, who has been active in Virginia's environmental community for 22 years, discussed the 2017 General Assembly session's impact on energy, water quality and land conservation. Among Virginia LCV’s biggest legislative fights this year was the organization’s successful opposition to bills that would have allowed oil and gas drillers to keep secret the chemical cocktail they use during fracking operations. Virginia LCV was also instrumental in working to pass coal ash legislation that holds Dominion Power accountable by requiring full, site-by-site assessments of their coal ash facilities, and revealing any ongoing pollution or contamination issues, which in turn will help guide the long-term closure process.