Congressman Wittman, No Fly, No Buy…
Bring It To A Vote and Vote For It.

To: Congressman Rob Wittman

From: Constituents in Hanover County, Virginia

Dear Congressman Wittman,                                                  

We, your constituents in the First District, ask you to vote for preventing those on the no fly list from buying guns. And we ask for a ban on the sale of AR-15 style weapons. Yes, we believe in the Second Amendment and that law abiding citizens should be allowed to buy and carry guns. But the AR-15 and weapons like it are meant for use in war, not for citizens. And while we believe in the Second Amendment, we also believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that Americans have the right to go to church without the fear of being gunned down; we believe we have the right to send our children to school without the fear they will be killed in their kindergarten classrooms; that we have the right to go to the movies or a nightclub without fear of being gunned down; and that our police have the right to do their jobs without fear of being gunned down by an AR-15 style weapon in the hands of a sniper.

By not at least voting No Fly, No Buy, you and other Congressmen are proving to be soft on terrorism, both foreign and homegrown. You are foregoing basic common sense to kowtow to the NRA. We want to take our country back from the NRA. We are asking you to represent the people, not the gun lobby.

The Hanover Democratic Committee

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