Saturday, October 8, 2016

Where do you stand, Rob Wittman?

We the undersigned of the Hanover Democratic Committee—your consitituents in the First Congressional District—demand to know if you will continue to support Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, even after the revelation of his vulgar comments disparaging women in an Access Hollywood video released on Friday, October 7. For the past several months, you have continued to wholeheartedly support Trump even after his repeated statements disparaging minorities, immigrants and women. Now, we demand to know if you will continue to champion him after a video clearly shows Candidate Trump objectifying women and espousing aggressive sexual behavior toward women.

Your campaign spokesman said in a Washington Post article that you do “not condone the objectification of women.” Our question is, do you condone the man who embodies the objectification of women? Will you have the courage to disavow Trump, as some other Republican candidates have, or will you continue to go along to get along. We want to know the measure of your character; we already have the measure of Trump’s character or more accurately put, the lack thereof.

The Hanover Democratic Committee

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