Petition For Adequate Zika Funding Now!

To: Congressman Rob Wittman

From: Constituents in Hanover County, Virginia

Dear Congressman Wittman,                                                  

By way of introduction, following a three judge panel ruling, Hanover County was placed in the First Congressional District which you represent. Therefore, we are petitioning you to fully fund efforts to protect Virginia and the other Southern states against the Zika Virus.  

Here are the facts:

Virginia, along with other Southern states, is in the bull’s eye for the Zika Virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Memorial Day was the official opening of Mosquito Season in the Southern states that are likely to be invaded by Zika-carrying mosquitos, according to the CDC.

CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden has begged Congress for full funding…$1.9 billion to fight Zika. He substantiated the need for this funding in a hearing before Congress. Congress’ proposal for a $622.1 million funding measure falls far short of the CDC’s studied request.

More than 60 public health organizations including the March of Dimes have criticized the House’s refusal to fully fund Zika prevention and protection. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports 25 Zika cases in Virginia and that the number is growing weekly.

You and your colleagues left Washington to go on a 10-day Memorial Day recess without approving full funding to fight Zika. We believe this 10-day vacation was reckless and outrageous in the face of the Zika threat.

Now that you and your colleagues are back in Washington, we ask that you support full funding to stop Zika and protect Virginia and the other Southern states.

We demand Congress stop playing politics with our lives. We are most concerned about the babies who might be infected with Zika in utero and born with microcephaly; we are also concerned about unknown impacts Zika can have on adults.

Therefore, we petition you to help protect the people of the First Congressional District by approving full funding to combat Zika. (In addition to these signatures, your office will be receiving on line petitions from Hanover County.)

Respectfully submitted by

Members of the Hanover Democratic Committee

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