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Blue Wave Bash

Celebrating A Decade Of The Exciting

Blue Wave Bash

Keynote Speaker: U.S. Senator Mark Warner
Master of Ceremonies: Virginia Sen. Jennifer McClellan

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The 2019 Melissa J. Dopp/ Bobby Ostergren Scholarship- $500
Application Deadline- May 10, 2019
PO Box 22, Ashland, VA 23005 or info@hvadems.com

The Hanover Democratic Committee will present the Melissa J. Dopp/ Bobby Ostergren Scholarship to a maximum of four graduation High School Seniors from the Atlee, Patrick Henry, Hanover, and Lee-Davis high schools who have assisted the Hanover Democratic Committee, participated in Democratic campaigns, supported Democratic candidates or have participated in or started a Young Democrats club in his/her school.  Up to four scholarships will be awarded in May 2019.  This is not a needs-based scholarship, but rather a scholarship designed to recognize students with the highest level of participation and involvement in Democratic campaigns and activities.


Applicant Name:_________________________________________________________________________________

Mother's Name:__________________________________________ Father's Name:  ________________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________________________

City:  ________________________________  State:  ____________  Zip:  __________________________________

Primary Phone:  ____________________________________  Alternate Phone:  _____________________________

Email Address:  _______________________________________________

High School:  _________________________________________________

College or Technical School You Hope to Attend:  ________________________________________________________

Please list the Democratic campaigns you worked on, the year and describe what you did/per volunteer experience (for instance, Kaine campaign, 2018 four phone banks in September-October).  Add another sheet if necessary.





Did you participate in any Democratic functions at your High School?  Yes__________  No___________

If yes, please list:



Any other information you wish to add:  


Submit application to Lyn Hodnett, Scholarship Chair, lynh169125@comcast.net, 804-382-4532

meet the candidates!

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 Next Meeting

 April 13

10 am

Ashland Coffee & Tea






Meet the Candidates—You’ll Love ‘Em!

Don’t miss the next meeting of the Hanover Democratic Committee on April 13 at 10 a.m. at Ashland Coffee & Tea to meet the candidates. For the first time in more than 50 years, we have candidates running in 5 Board of Supervisor races, 3 State Senate Races and 1 House of Delegates Race.

*Five Democratic Board of Supervisor candidates will be on hand including:

-- Star incumbent Ashland District Supervisor running for a second term Faye Oliff Prichard

--Beaverdam District Candidate Crystal Robens

--Cold Harbor District Candidate James Doran

--Henry District Candidate James Wilkerson (via DVD)

--South Anna District Candidate Dr. Clara James Scott

*State-Level Candidates will be on hand including:

55th District House Candidate Morgan Goodman

4th District Senate Candidate Stan Scott

12th District Candidates Veena Lothe and Rep. Debra Rodman seeking the Democratic nomination in a Primary to unseat Siobhan Dunnavant

9th District Star Incumbent Jennifer McClellan spoke at our last meeting and was terrific. She is slated for a primary, however, no Democratic challenger has come forward.

This is a very exciting time for Hanover Democrats and our candidates are amazing. See for yourself on Saturday, April 13 at 10 a.m. at Ashland Coffee & Tea. As always, the coffee is on us.

Coffee Meeting

Coffee is brewing!

Tuesday, April 30 10 am

At the house of

Natalie Hartwig

119 Giddy-up Lane

Ashland, 23005

Men's Forum

No Forum this month

instead, attend

The Blue Wave Bash with Senator Warner

Mens Forum

Grassroots Award Winner

don and donna

Ashland Resident Don Barth was named the First Congressional Grassroots Award Winner for his volunteer activities supporting local, statewide and national Democratic candidates. He was chosen among nominees from 13 county committees in the First Congressional District. Don’s wife, Donna Barth, is also active in campaign activities. They are a dynamic duo. Both were presented complimentary tickets to the Hanover Democratic Committee’s upcoming Blue Wave Bash which will feature U.S. Senator Mark Warner on Thursday, April 25. Click here to purchase your ticket online. 

New Activism in the Voting Age

Peyton Guthrie

Lee-Davis High School senior, age 18

There is an outdated misconception that young people are uninterested and uninformed in regards to current events. While little good has come out of the furthering of the polarization of our political climate, it has proved not only that young people are listening to the world around them, but that they have something to say about it. This new activism was shown to be larger than hashtags and reposts when a record-breaking amount of young voters participated in the 2018 midterm election. Yet, despite our presence in the polls, and despite the widespread coverage of movements like March For Our Lives, young Americans are often still regarded as a novelty in politics.

If you know where to look, the passion of new American voters is abundant. Social media has curated breaking news and opinion-sharing into one community. It is now easier than ever to stay informed, and the ease of getting a message across to a large audience has created new digital grassroots movements; the power of which is evident in the size and political clout of movements like #MeToo. Political commentary and discourse now belong in the same spaces as our family photos, allowing for casual activism that young people have made a part of their daily lives. Mistaking the evolution of political involvement for a lack of such is creating a generational gap, reiterating the idea that young people are not politically engaged. If we are to meet young people where they are in this new space of activism, there would be greater unity within the party and greater representation of new perspectives.

The overlooking of digital politics sometimes leads to thought bubbles in which readers and activists are only exposed to one-sided issues, or even “fake news” stories, because mainstream politics is not maintaining its presence or news coverage on these new activist platforms. It has been the exposure to current events and information that has awakened such a drive for change in young voters; the greater care that is taken with appealing to digital audiences creates a greater number of informed voters. The dangers of misinformation on digital platforms is apparent in not just “fake news” stories and yellow journalism, but in the messages conveyed on platforms like Twitter by politicians. Political discourse has clearly moved towards the internet, making it imperative that information does the same to not only create voters but to keep them informed.

In listening to these young voices, there too is a place for older voters and activists to learn from the young. The social media platforms of Instagram and Twitter used by new activists are home to audiences of millions; this provides for a community to share your own thoughts and beliefs, but also to gain a new perspective. Digital activism allows for global thinking in our everyday lives, creating entire networks of people united around a cause. Stories from other users and from news outlets are constantly reinforcing the need for change, bringing forth a new passion in young people, especially as they reach the voting age.

The Hanover Democratic Committee is taking the steps to evolve with American voters. As the head of the new Hanover Young Democrats, I have made a place for the Hanover Democratic Committee in digital activism, giving a voice to the young and future voters of Hanover County. You can join us on Instagram @hanoveryoungdems to keep up with our monthly meetings.

Hanover Black Caucus: Don’t Resign, Gov. Northam.

Sandra Howard

The Black Caucus of the Hanover Democratic Committee met and discussed our state and the serious problems hanging in the balance in Virginia.

First, let us respect each person’s right to have an opinion. Therefore our unanimous decision is that we will not protest against Gov. Ralph Northam.

How Much The Cost Of A Tower?

by Toni Radler

So Trump wants to put a Trump Tower in Russia. But at what cost? The cost of our democracy. 

Trump has done everything to destroy American's leadership in the world...he's done everything to weaken our strength at home...everything to make Vladimir Putin and Russia stronger at our expense.