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Ashland Resident Don Barth was named the First Congressional Grassroots Award Winner for his volunteer activities supporting local, statewide and national Democratic candidates. He was chosen among nominees from 13 county committees in the First Congressional District. Don’s wife, Donna Barth, is also active in campaign activities. They are a dynamic duo. Both were presented complimentary tickets to the Hanover Democratic Committee’s upcoming Blue Wave Bash which will feature U.S. Senator Mark Warner on Thursday, April 25. Click here to purchase your ticket online. 

Blue Wave Bash

Celebrating A Decade Of The Exciting

Blue Wave Bash

Keynote Speaker: U.S. Senator Mark Warner
Master of Ceremonies: Virginia Sen. Jennifer McClellan

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Monday, March 25 at 7 pm

At the house of

Terry Diebold

8326 Silkwood Court

Mechanicsville 23116

Men's Forum

Wednesday, March 27 at 7:00 PM

at the home of Jim Hunt

309 Hillsway Drive, Ashland

Mens Forum

How Much The Cost Of A Tower?

by Toni Radler

So Trump wants to put a Trump Tower in Russia. But at what cost? The cost of our democracy. 

Trump has done everything to destroy American's leadership in the world...he's done everything to weaken our strength at home...everything to make Vladimir Putin and Russia stronger at our expense. 

First Step: strengthen divisions at home...check. Trump has done that by focusing on immigration on the southern border. His actions there are as much a racial slur as a complaint against immigration. It's just as racially tinged as if he were using the n-word. His Trump style of hate speech has increased divisions in the US; the Southern Poverty Law Center has noted the drastic uptick in hate crimes in the last two years.

Second Step: weaken our leadership worldwide both economically, militarily and in terms of influence.  Check. Trump's done that every chance he's gotten. He got us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that would have strengthened our trade position over China. He's criticized NATO and advocated that the US  leave NATO, an alliance which has kept us out of WWIII for 70 years. He's given Syria to Russia, letting everyone know we can't be counted on, not even to defend the Kurds, who have helped us fight ISIS. He's insulted our longtime friends and allies--Germany, England, France, Canada--and he's cuddled up to our longtime enemies and dictatorships.

Third Step: discredit institutions that are as American as apple pie, institutions we have trusted and believed in, institutions that make us strong. He makes every attempt to tear down the FBI, the judicial system, and the Department of Justice. He has tried to discredit these institutions and shake the faith of the American public. 

Fourth Step: discredit the legitimate news media, create the illusion of "Fake News" by lambasting our top media and reporters. 

Fifth Step: let's see, what would Vladimir Putin like most....oh yeah...to see the American government shut down. Make air travel unsafe and unworkable. Stop food inspections, prevent farmers and businesses from doing business, bring general chaos to the US. Check again... Trump did that. 

Every day brings another gift to Putin...

But wait! Neither Trump nor Putin counted on the Democrats taking back the house, under the strong leadership of Nancy Pelosi. Checkmate!   
Now we're seeing how a democratic government should work. Let's hope Putin's extended birthday party, with a gift-a-day, has come to a close. Let's hope that once again, the US is governed by three co-equal branches of government and that Trump's "anything you want, Vlad" is over. 

How much is a tower worth, Mr. President? Your soul, maybe. But not our US Democracy!

Hanover Black Caucus: Don’t Resign, Gov. Northam.

Sandra Howard

The Black Caucus of the Hanover Democratic Committee met and discussed our state and the serious problems hanging in the balance in Virginia.

First, let us respect each person’s right to have an opinion. Therefore our unanimous decision is that we will not protest against Gov. Ralph Northam.

This blackface mess has been acceptable behavior in America for many years by many in the mainstream. Just look around as you turn into many driveways and see blackface statues.

We have a president who last year called Haiti and African countries s_ _thole nations yet no one called for his resignation. There were no protest signs.

In 2015 in Virginia in our House of Delegates, Del. Buddy Fowler of the 55th District put his spin on a solution to the protests in Baltimore where black people were protesting the murder of Freddie Gray. On his Facebook page, Fowler showed a snarling police dog; the post said, ‘Go ahead and run. He likes fast food.’ No one called for Del. Fowler’s resignation. Not a single word was said. How could you as a paid representative for all people in Virginia demoralize any human being by wanting to cause them physical harm?

We read the caption in Northam’s yearbook, and there was no reference to anything racial. As a matter of fact, it referenced drunks, old doctors and having another beer. We feel it was more theatrical than anything. And if he was a racist, we believe he has changed. We all grow and see the error of our ways. Gov. Northam has done a good job for Virginia in a short time.

We need to wake up and smell the coffee and remember, if we lose all we have, Republicans will take Virginia over. We truly do not want that. Republicans stick together and we need to learn to do the same. Sometimes we just move too fast.”

Above all, where is the school’s accountability in this mess? Someone had to pass it. We came to the conclusion, how can you fire the student without firing the teacher?

We feel that Ralph Northam should resign only when Donald Trump and Buddy Fowler resign.

Sandra Howard, Chair                                                             

Black Caucus of the Hanover Democratic Committee

Stay tuned for our next meeting

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